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Hello, weirdos! I am The Baffled Baboon and I am a deranged primate that loves writing about weird animals, bizarre history and strange events. Throw in some peculiar photos, fact filled videos, baffling thoughts and POOF. You've got


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Recent Posts

  • Hiatus

    Hiatus is such an interesting word. I don’t know why, but it reminds of me haikus. Though if you’ve come here expecting a poem you’re going to be disappointed! Anyway, I’m rambling a bit so I am just going to blurt it out: I going on … Continue reading → The post Hiatus appeared...

  • (06/12/2015) Friday List-O-Links

    Hi everyone! It’s Friday and you know what that means. Another video and potentially pointless/strange links! Today’s video is “10 Mind Blowing Facts About Twins” brought to you by The Richest. As for links we’ve got a colouring book for adults, a Google trivia game, … Continue reading...

  • When in Rome – Prepare for traffic

    Rome is an ancient city with grand buildings, impressive artworks and the impressive ability of luring in tourists with the promise of photo opportunities and tacky souvenirs. Many years ago, this city was the centre of a vast empire stretching from Britain to Egypt and … Continue reading →...

  • The Love/Hate Challenge

    Someone has challenged the baboon! Me! WELL. Time roll up in my tank that suspiciously looks like it’s made out of cardboard. No one challenges me and gets away with it! S.D. Gates thought they could declare war from the safety of their pillow fort … Continue reading → The post The...

  • Stop Trying to Sell Me Makeup!

    When I made my daring/how-the-hell-did-that-work escape from the zoo, there was one thing I knew I had to do once I escaped. I had to conform to human styles and fashion. No one in their right mind is going to believe that I am human … Continue reading → The post Stop Trying to Sell Me...


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