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Added: Jan 22, 2015

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  • Aliexpress flashlight comparison – Cree T6 and Cree Q5

    For a flashlight rookie like myself it can be a little tricky to determine differences between the avaliable flashlights on Aliexpress. Therefore, I decided to buy three flashlight models and compare them. I have previously tested the Pocketman Cree Q5. The additional two flashlights in this post...

  • Selling records on Discogs – my experiences

    Discogs is a community-driven music database containing details of millions of LPs, singles and CDs, much like a Wikipedia specialized for music nerds. It is also a marketplace where users are able to sell their records. Previously I’ve sold a lot of records on eBay in auctions where the highest...

  • Aliexpress – key ring nail clipper, zip-lock bags and telescope mirror

    This time I’ll review a couple of small, useful things that I recevied the last weeks. First off, I ordered a couple of key ring nail clippers. The ones I ordered was about $1.50. When not used, the nail clipper is compact and don’t take up much space. With the press on a switch on... Read...

  • Aliexpress – Key organizer review

    One of my friends bought a KeySmart, which transforms a key ring into a form of multi tool. I think KeySmart is a great product but since they are a bit on the expensive side I decided to try a cheaper alternative on There are some benefits with having your keys organized in...

  • Aliexpress – Pocketman Cree Q5 EDC flashlight review

    There is a whole world of flashlights out there and the price range spans from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Since I am not interested in paying a fortune to get a flashlight that I would rarely use, I decided to try a cheap flashlight on Aliexpress instead. I quickly understood that...


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