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Reviewing my shameless pile of movies, books and stuff. Finnish guy writing shortish reviews of movies, books, gadgets and other things that interest me. Focusing mainly but not fully to lesser known films, genre films, b-films and Finnish films.


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  • October Belongs to Horror #4: Lake Bodom (Bodom)

    Lake Bodom (Bodom)Don Films, Münchhausen Productions, Finland, Estonia, 2016.In 1960s four camping youths were attacked and stabbed at Lake Bodom with only one survivor. The culprit was never found. A half century later four teens decide to travel to the lake to solve the mystery. Ida-Maria (Nelly...

  • October Belongs to Horror #3: Army of Zombies (Kuutamosonaatti II: Kadunlakaisijat)

    Army of Zombies (Kuutamosonaatti II: Kadunlakaisijat)Filminor, Finland, 1991....And in Germany this is known as "Muttertag 3."The first film "Kuutamosonaatti" was darkly fun agrarian horror cult film. Sadly the sequel loses the horror momentum and the result is a confusing mess.Most of the...

  • October Belongs to Horror #2: The Moonlight Sonata (Kuutamosonaatti)

    The Moonlight Sonata (Kuutamosonaatti)Filminor, Finland, 1988.Horror was for a long time a rare genre in Finland. In the 1980s tough film censorship comparable to British Video Nasty laws made sure that seeing many classics of genre films was only possible via smuggled bootleg video tapes. The...

  • October Belongs to Horror #1: Dead Before Dawn (2012)

    Dead Before Dawn (2012) a.k.a Dead Before Dawn 3DWANGO Films, Canada, 2012.Halloween is near, so it is time to watch horror films. Finnish blogger ...noir challenged bloggers to watch eight horror films during October, so October Belongs to Horror (Lokakuu kuuluu kauhulle).My first choice is a...

  • Movie Review: Avengers Grimm

    Avengers Grimm The Asylum, USA, 2015. Naughty wizard Rumpelstiltskin (Casper Van Dien) has raised a rebellion to destroy a magic kingdom. The King has been murdered so vengeance runs cold. Queen Snow White (Lauren Parkinson) escapes through Magic Mirror to real world taking Rumpelstiltskin with...


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