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Reports on issues related to global warming from a skeptical standpoint. The blog is run by meteorologist Anthony Watts and features several regular contributors and guest authors.

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Recent Posts

  • Michael Mann: Climate “Deniers” are Exploiting the Lifestyle Change Movement

    Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to veteran climate conspiracy theorist Michael Mann, climate “deniers” are deflecting attention from large scale societal reform by deceiving people into focusing on climate friendly lifestyle changes. Climate change deniers’ new battle front...

  • Predictions are Hard, Especially About the Future

    Gasoline vs Electric Vehicle Future Fuel Costs This was originally a comment on David Middleton’s post, https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/10/31/the-oil-age-is-doing-just-fine-bloomberg-new-energy-finance-notwithstanding/ The original comment was from Detengineer, in reply to another comment from...

  • Extinction Rebellion Calls African Oil Leaders “Climate Criminals”

    Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t JoNova; Extinction rebellion have staged a protest at an oil conference in South Africa, calling African conference delegates “climate criminals” for discussing how to develop their oil resource windfalls. Extinction Rebellion calls Africa Oil Week delegates...

  • Plants and fungi together could slow climate change

    International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis A new global assessment shows that human impacts have greatly reduced plant-fungus symbioses, which play a key role in sequestering carbon in soils. Restoring these ecosystems could be one strategy to slow climate change. Human-induced...

  • Naomi “no evidence” Oreskes – careful for what you wish for, Pt 2

    Reposted from Gelbspan Files Naomi Oreskes’ appearance at a 10/23/19 House hearing on the topic of “the oil industry’s climate denial campaign” wasn’t a one-time event. She reappeared six days later at a Senate “hearing,” where her Prepared Written Testimony contained the identical...


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