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Reports on issues related to global warming from a skeptical standpoint. The blog is run by meteorologist Anthony Watts and features several regular contributors and guest authors.

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Recent Posts

  • Claim: IPCC Climate Conferences have a Problem with Sexism

    Guest essay by Eric Worrall People who believe they are on a mission to save the world frequently behave as if their great mission excuses their personal failings. FIXING SEXISM AT THE INTERGOVERNMENTAL PANEL ON CLIMATE CHANGE A sexist remark at a recent meeting prompted some soul-searching among...

  • Friday Funny: Colorado Snowflakes Fume Over Starbucks Mug Featuring Oil Pump Rig

    From the “visual intolerance” department comes this hilarious bit of whining… From the Washington Times: Less than two weeks after putting the kibosh on plastic straws, Starbucks has run afoul of the environmental movement with a newly released mug showcasing Colorado’s oil-and-gas...

  • Climate modelers can’t predict future, so now concentrate on the past

    WUWT regular Alan Tomalty writes: This new study seems to be one of the first studies to admit to internal climate variability for the 20th century. The IPCC is always loath to admit this. However, since the study conclusions are built upon computer climate model simulations, I contend this is...

  • Claim: Sea Level Rise will Kill the Internet in Fifteen Years

    Guest essay by Eric Worrall A study published by Computer Science Professor Paul Barford claims that critical parts of the Internet will be submerged under rising seas in the next 15 years. Study suggests buried internet infrastructure at risk as sea levels rise July 16, 2018 By Terry Devitt For...

  • NEWS FLASH: World’s Library Sabotaged

    Commentary by Kip Hansen BREAKING NEWS — SABOTAGE  @ The Library of The World The Library of the World — the greatest collection since the Ancient Library of Alexandria — is the world’s largest and most complete library ever collected —  and which is claimed to hold a nearly complete...


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