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  • Olive Tapenade

    Skip to Recipe I made olive tapenade to serve as an appetizer for our very small Easter gathering this year, and I’ve since made it for a number of occasions since because it’s just so darn easy and good. The food processor does 95% of the work: after 30 or so quick pulses, the recipe... The...

  • Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter, Crispy Prosciutto and Sage from Jessica Battilana’s Repertoire

    At the end of February, I spent a weekend in NYC with my mother at a food conference. Upon entering one of the large banquet halls for a food sampling from local restaurants, my mother disappeared. I eventually found her at the Fork table, eating gnocchi tossed with a lamb ragu and fermented...

  • Lemon-Coconut Date Balls

    Skip to Recipe Last Thursday after yoga class, my friend Martha said she had something for me. As we walked out the door, she pulled from her pocket a little baggie holding a single, coconut-dusted ball, which she handed to me, and which I ate immediately. The little treasure disappeared quickly,...

  • Moroccan Rice with Harissa, Dates, and Orange Two Ways: Instant Pot & Stovetop

    Diana Henry’s Moroccan chicken and rice recipe is a good one to know: a modest amount of prep produces a super flavorful, one-pan wonder of a dish that feeds a small crowd. There’s no browning of the chicken first to render the fat and crisp up the skin — everything just gets added to...

  • 15 Ways to Use Your Homemade Harissa

    So you’ve made a batch of harissa. Now what? Over the years, I’ve swirled harissa into leblebi (a North African chickpea soup), stirred it into Moroccan chicken and rice, and spread it across pita along with tahini sauce before piling falafel over top. If you have a favorite harissa-spiked...


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