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  • Indian-ish Fried Rice with Peanuts, Chilies, & Cilantro

    Why I have never thought to dress leftover rice with something other than soy sauce, sesame oil, and a showering of scallions escapes me. Indian. Fried. Rice. Where have you been my whole life? To be clear: this isn’t exactly fried rice — there’s no frying of the leftover rice. And how nice,...

  • How to Make Ghee: A Step by Step Guide

    One of the FAQ’s in Priya Krishna’s Indian-ish is: “If a recipe calls for ghee or olive oil, what’s better?” To which Priya responds: “Ghee. Always ghee. There is nothing in the world that makes Indian food taste better than the rich, nutty flavor of ghee.” Roger. There is no...

  • Avocado Egg Salad Toasts on Sourdough

    Come Sunday, you may find yourself with a surplus of hard-boiled eggs. May I suggest egg salad? With a twist? Swapping mashed avocado for the mayonnaise in your favorite egg salad recipe sacrifices nothing and, if anything, makes it all the more delicious. I’ve been loving this avocado-egg salad...

  • Easy Sourdough Sandwich (or Toasting) Bread

    As I mentioned a few weeks, a number of requests about how to make my mother’s peasant bread with a sourdough starter encouraged me to dip my toe into the wonderful world of naturally leavened breads. You can read more about that experiment here, which led to this simple sourdough focaccia...

  • Perfect Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs

    Any time I feel buyer’s remorse incited by my Instant Pot, I remind myself that it makes perfect rice and perfect boiled eggs, both soft and hard. For these two purposes alone, I think, the IP deserves all the space it hogs in the cupboard. As I’ve said before, the virtues of making...


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