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  • Carrot-Ginger Soup with Curry and Coconut Milk

    Last week a friend and I met for lunch at The Placid Baker in Troy. We did as we always do: ordered a lot, shared everything, contemplated dessert — macaron? frangipane tart? chocolate cake? — then split that, too. Everything, as always there, was delicious but the soup of the day, a curried...

  • Dessert Repertoire: Essential Recipes

    A few weeks ago we had over dear friends and their son for dinner. For dessert, I threw a few dark chocolate bars* on the table and let the adults help themselves. For the children, I baked off chocolate chip cookie dough balls I had portioned earlier and stashed in the fridge. But when the... Read...

  • One-Bowl Buttermilk Birthday Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

    I have been meaning to post this birthday cake recipe for years. These photos, in fact, are from October 2016. I retrieved them from an external hard drive, edited them, then found another folder containing all the photos I had already edited but long forgotten about… good use of time. Argh! ...

  • Kale & Crème Fraîche Pizza + How to Make Great Neapolitan-Style Pizza At Home

    I made this kale and crème fraîche pizza last summer on Instagram stories, and I’ve been meaning to post the recipe here ever since. It’s included below along with all the tricks I know to make great Neapolitan-style pizza at home. If you’re looking to up your homemade pizza game at home...

  • How to Roast a Chicken (And Make the Most of It)

    There is nothing more satisfying to me than roasting a whole chicken. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to feeding my family of six, it gives me a carcass with which to make stock and enough extra meat to toss into a salad or add to soup for a meal on a... Read the Post The post How...


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