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  • 16 Favorite Vegetable Side Dishes for Fall

    Peak produce season may be nearing its end but this need not suggest our vegetable-derived enjoyment must end along with it. Joshua McFadden’s Six Seasons and, most recently, his roasted cabbage with walnuts, parmesan, and balsamic, have reminded me how interesting and delicious and satisfying...

  • Roasted Cabbage with Walnuts, Parmesan, and Balsamic

    About this time last year, I went on a  Six Seasons tear, making half a dozen recipes, all of which I loved: the kale salad that started it all, roasted gremolata-style mushrooms,  burnt carrots with honey and almonds, crushed and fried potatoes with crispy herbs, Brussels sprouts with lemon,...

  • 9 Favorite Apple Recipes for Fall

    Kristen Miglore’s Genius Desserts has stirred the  baking spirit within! As I type, I have Geri’s Applesauce-Yogurt Cake, a favorite of my children, baking away, a log of Dorie’s World Peace Cookies chilling in the fridge, and a batch of homemade ricotta draining in a cheesecloth-lined...

  • Apple Cobbler with Hot Sugar Crust

    Here’s the apple version! More about Kristen Miglore’s Genius Desserts can be found on this post: Peach (or Pluot) Cobbler with Hot Sugar Crust, where there also are more step-by-step photos of the cobbler-making process. Also, to enter the giveaway, comment on this post.  Peeled and cubed...

  • Peach (or Pluot) Cobbler with Hot Sugar Crust

    Kristen Miglore’s Genius Desserts arrived at my door at the end of August, and about five minutes later, I found myself at my Co-op buying peaches, the cobbler with hot sugar crust calling my name. The peaches, unfortunately, were rock hard, and for a minute I considered putting the experiment on...


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