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  • Coronavirus Beach Trip

    Viruses aren’t real. The government are liars and this is a trick to let big pharma inject our kids with dangerous poisons. So I took my kid to the beach. Someone reported me to the Police but I don’t care. We had a laugh about it on the phone with the policeman LOL. Even ifContinue reading...

  • Bill Gates is a Murderer

    Bill Gates is using his wealth and power to inject poisons into our kids. He’s been exposed on Fox News. Stop blaming China for coronavirus! The was the doing of pharma cartels and the elite who work closely with the CCP! They did this with 9/11 on Iraq. To incite hate and to divide. StopContinue...

  • Vaccines Are Poison

    Advocating against having poisons injected into your child against yours and their will is the most natural, obvious and maternal thing to do. I make zero apologies for my passionate stance on it. I see many other parents doing it but to the ones who aren’t, why? Why aren’t you seeing that...

  • Queue at the Co op

    Couldn’t be arsed to queue at the Co op. Only one guy was ahead of me so I asked him “why aren’t you going in?” He replied “Because it’s one in and one out” I said, “No it’s not, they’ve dropped all that stuff now” (They haven’t, I just made it up because why not,Continue...


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