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Photographer Matt Conheady Travels around China and Japan and photographs what he sees and eats. While not missing some typical tourist spots, many posts revolve around remote adventures or every day living. Each page is filled with colorful photos of nature, urban life, and some crazy situations.


Added: Feb 17, 2020

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Tags: china, japan, photography, food, culture

Recent Posts

  • A Week in Tokyo

    My final week in Tokyo was a work week. I would sleep in, maybe go out in the late afternoon, and then work into the night so I could be online at the same time as the Workinman home office.   Here is just a bunch of random pictures of the places I went andRead more

  • Kawaguchiko and Fuji-Q

    Breakfast at the hostel Back to Lake Kawaguchi With better weather, we head back to the lake to get better photos.           Click for full size         Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park  Situated near Mt Fuji, the park opened in 1968 and has since modernized with facial recognitionRead...

  • Kawaguchiko and Fuji

    To Fuji We travel by train towards Tokyo then divert by bus to head up the mountains to Kawaguchiko. The whole journey takes over 5 hours.   The town is named for Lake Kawaguchi, one of the 5 lakes surrounding Mt Fuji. While this lake is surrounded by lodges and other tourist attractions, we are...

  • Kuromon Market & Osaka Aquarium

    Kuromon Market Located in the Chuo Ward of Osaka, Kuromon Market stretched about 2,000 feet and features roughly 150 shops that feature hot food, fruits and veggies, spices, gifts, and a lot of fish. Kuromon (which means “Black Gate”) started as a fish market around 1822.        Man shops...

  • Osaka Tsutenkaku

    The following day we went to the the Shinsekai district of Osaka, to what is commonly known as Tsutenkaku, named for the prominent tower that was once the centerpiece of a pre-world war I amusement park. The area is now a entertainment district, with a zoo to the east and “Spa World” to the...


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