In ethical hacking, one seeks to learn the attack to defend oneself. Because computer security problems do not come so much from the flaws ...

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  • "Live USB Tails", protect yourself from "scanner robots" and massive espionage on the Web!

    Hello,Many of you have certainly heard about the "Tails" (Linux) distribution designed to preserve and improve the anonymity and security of a user's digital life on the Web and the "DarkWeb". Today, we will discover step by step the installation of the distribution "Tails" (Debian) on a USB key...

  • Attention to redirection flaws in Facebook

    A redirect flaw in Facebook was discovered two months ago. Facebook's security team has been contacted and the problem is solved now. Here are the details of what could be done.The authors of this discovery diverge according to sources, so I will not mention anyone until I have more information.I...

  • Protect yourself from the LFI (Local File Inclusion) vulnerability

    ntroduction: What is the LFI FaultArticle for web developers and site administrators.The LFI flaw is named Local File Inclusion. It allows a user to include local files (thus belonging to the external server) from a URL.These files may very well be outside the root directory of the website....

  • Learn to use Google

    Far too many people do not know how to use Google. In other words, they do not know how to look for information. A good hacker must also know how to find information quickly and easily. This is essential. And that's why we'll see how to learn how to use Google.It is possible to find 99% solutions...

  • 10 Recurring Hacking Questions Finally Resolved

    1. What qualities do I need to be a hacker?There is no secret sauce or secret passages to learn hacking. As in any other field, you will need patience, passion and curiosity. The main areas you need to study are computer networks, systems and programming. Of course, the safety aspect fits in all...


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