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  • The Unique Talents Of Ateo Feo

    Ateo Feo is a unique talent. The Miami-based artist applies his unorthodox creative approach to multiple forms of media. For example, he raps, sings, plays a number of instruments and even animates his own videos. He claims to be “about” 80,000 years-old. I suppose once Read More ... The post...

  • Jxckson’s Fun And Infectious “Icarus”

    In Greek mythology, Icarus flew too close to the sun. His waxed wings melted and he fell into the sea, to his death. As is the case with most Greek myths, it is a tale warning against pride and hubris. Jxckson is an Austin, TX Read More ... The post Jxckson’s Fun And Infectious “Icarus”...

  • Wembi – “Heartbeat of My Life”

    Wembi (pronounced Whem-bee) is a singer, songwriter and producer from California. He specializes in earnest piano-based Soul, R&B, and Pop music. The talented artist taught himself to play piano as a teen. As a result, he has been writing and performing his own original music Read More ... The post...

  • The Keymakers Escape To “California In The Sun”

    I’m from New York, but I love Southern California. There is just something about being in proximity to the world’s most massive body of water. Its gravity centers the mind. I feel like I have lost ten pounds of stress when I step off a Read More ... The post The Keymakers Escape To...

  • Alex Ga – ULoveMe2

    I’ve been lucky to follow Alex Ga’s creative adventures this year. He is the Cyprus-based singer and songwriter who recently rediscovered his musical roots. As a result, Alex released three singles in 2019.  July saw  the modern rock ballad, “Find You.” It is a partly Read More ... The...


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