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A daily post about Idaho and Idaho history. Sometimes quirky, always entertaining from author Rick Just.

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  • A Famous Pianist

    Louis Jacob Weertz came to Idaho in 1943. He was one of almost 300,000 men who trained for World War II at Farragut Naval Training Station, where Farragut State Park is now. He played piano well even then, but at Farragut, he was probably best known for his boxing. Weertz was the welterweight...

  • Lincoln's Idaho Connections

    ​I love odd little connections. Idaho has a ton of them with Abraham Lincoln. So many that they have become an obsession with Lincoln scholar and former Idaho Attorney General David Leroy. Leroy has spent a lifetime collecting Lincoln memorabilia and documenting his connections with Idaho. The...

  • Name that Dog

    ​The most famous dog in Idaho history was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Meriwether Lewis paid $20 for him in August 1803. The Newfoundland was an uncommon breed at the time, but some of its characteristics were well known. A male typically weighs around 150 pounds. They are known as great...

  • The 1974 Kootenai War

    ​Indians fought losing wars with the United States Government for years during the settlement of the West. They fought for their way of life, their traditions, and mostly for their land. What might have been the last Indian war was about land, too. No bullets were fired, nor arrows unleashed....

  • The Bates Motel

    If you’ve seen the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock movie, Psycho starring Janet Leigh, you probably think of it every time you step into a motel shower. That stabbing music—and that stabbing—tend to stick in the brain. An entrepreneur in Coeur d’Alene either decided to take advantage of the...


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