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A daily post about Idaho and Idaho history. Sometimes quirky, always entertaining from author Rick Just.

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  • Pop Quiz!

    ​Below is a little Idaho trivia quiz. If you’ve been following Speaking of Idaho, you might do very well. Caution, it is my job to throw you off the scent. Answers below the picture. 1). Which Idaho company once operated the Treasure Valley’s Interurban? A. J.R. Simplot B. Trus-Joist C....

  • Manning Crevice Bridge

    It’s time for our occasional Then and Now feature. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) operated 248 camps in Idaho between 1933 and 1941. The famous jobs program kept 88,000 young men working in Idaho, most of them from far-flung states across the country. It was a big jobs program for Idaho...

  • Beaver Slides

    Do you know what a beaver slide is? If you’re a beaver fan, you’ll probably assume I’m talking about a muddy little path that serves as a quick way to get into the water for your favorite rodent. The beaver slide I have in mind was once used to stack hay all over the West. It was patented as...

  • The Boise Victory Center

    During World War II cities and towns across the country established Victory Centers. They were places temporarily put into service to raise money for the war effort through the sale of war bonds. Boise’s Victory Center was a stage in front of city hall. Every week on Wednesday, Thursday, and...

  • Jerry Kramer

    Here's a trivia question for you. Where did the man named the outstanding guard in the history of professional football grow up? Idaho, of course, but which town? Football fans got this one right away. Jerry Kramer, named the outstanding guard in the history of professional football back in 1969,...


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