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A daily post about Idaho and Idaho history. Sometimes quirky, always entertaining from author Rick Just.

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  • The Standrod Mansion

    ​One of Idaho’s most beautiful homes is the Standrod Mansion in Pocatello. Bonus: It may be haunted. Drew W. Standrod was a lawyer in Malad City, Idaho in 1890 when he became a member of Idaho’s constitutional convention. He was later elected Fifth Judicial District State Judge. His district...

  • Paul Bunyan in Idaho

    ​So, did you know that Paul Bunyan has an Idaho connection? Stories about Paul Bunyan and his giant blue ox, Babe, circulated around lumber camps across the country for decades before anyone thought to write them down and publish them. Eventually, many people did. One of the best remembered...

  • Moving American Falls

    ​Power County, in southern Idaho, is named for the electricity generating facilities at the American Falls Dam. The dam is vitally important to the county. In fact, it is so important that the entire town of American Falls was moved to higher ground to accommodate the American Falls...

  • Misspellings in Idaho History

    ​Misspellings in Idaho History Things get misspelled all the time. If you don’t believe that, you’re clearly not on Facebook. I’ve begun collecting a few misspellings that have had an impact on Idaho history. My hope is that readers will share some things they’ve noticed, such...

  • ​Please don’t eat the Beavers

    Trappers were most interested in beavers for their pelts. Once a beaver is liberated of its fur, though, another opportunity presents itself to man not too squeamish to eat a rodent. Beaver tail is considered a delicacy by some, and we’re not referring to the Canadian pastry of the same name...


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