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A daily post about Idaho and Idaho history. Sometimes quirky, always entertaining from author Rick Just.

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  • Giving the Statehouse Wings

    The Idaho capitol couldn’t fly until it had wings. Old pictures of the statehouse with its familiar dome, spreading stairs, and soaring columns, sans the senate and house wings make the whole thing look a little stubby. The east and west additions balanced the look of the building and made it...

  • Beyond Hope

    ​Residents of Hope, Idaho, take note. Here’s another of the endless opportunities to play on the name of your town by declaring that something is beyond Hope. In this case, someONE was beyond. Hope was named in 1882 for a Doctor Hope who was a veterinarian with the Northern Pacific Railroad....

  • Basque Boarding Houses

    ​Assimilating into a new country and culture is not something that is done overnight. The Basques had some unique ways of coping with the stress of immigration. You may think of Basques as sheepherders because in this country they often were. For most of them it wasn’t a way of life they had...

  • Nuclear Nonsense

    ​What if you had an airplane that could circle the globe for years? That question intrigued military planners in the 1940s so much that the National Reactor Testing Station (NRTS), near Idaho Falls, set to work building one. It would run on atomic power, you see. The atomic airplane would weigh...

  • Our First Territorial Governor and His Famous Relatives

    William H. Wallace was Idaho’s first territorial governor and first congressional delegate. He had previously been Washington Territory’s delegate and territorial governor, so he had some experience under his belt. He also had a high-level friend, President Abraham Lincoln, whom he had known...


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