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  • How does a cheap power bank affect my phone?

    Cheap might very well mean FAKE. So, you must be very careful, even if you have a chap phone.Fake power banks are dangerous. They can damage your phone, cause a fire or explosion, hence can ultimately be very costly.Fake power banks have fake parts in them and are often overrated. For instance if...

  • how to contact facebook and fix page request pending

    Facebook Business Manager can cause several operational issues for a business. Attempts to fix the problems can leave you with a Request Pending status for several months if not years as I noticed was the case for some people in Facebook Help Community - https://www.facebook.com/help/community....

  • My 5000 mAh solar power bank is warped into an odd shape. Can I fix it?

    Enquiry from customer:I have a 5000maH solar power bank and the day after I received it, it warped into an odd shape. My guess is that the battery has something wrong with it. I would like to get this fixed because I haven’t even had the chance to use the power bank yet. I am in the US.Answer to...

  • Can I can constantly charge my power bank or does it break it down easily?

    It shouldn't but why charge it if you don't NEED to. Sounds like inappropriate usage.Things To Know About Power Banks:When you charge a battery, chemical reactions in the cells cause the electrodes to get excited and emit slightly higher radiation in the process of being charged up. The...

  • can solar power damage phone being charged

    Customer's QuestionHello, I have some questions I need guidance on1) please how authentic are solar power banks for phones?2) Do they explode when charged for long?3) Will the power from the sun affect the phone being charged since phones use electricity or it weakens the phone battery when...


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