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Stephen Ralph provides day trading and swing trading strategies for small cap equities. Follow my stock trades, analysis, and review my preferred trading platforms and stock screeners.


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Recent Posts

  • Some Thoughts on Day Trading Stocks and Strategies

    Introduction and History of Day Trading Stocks: So you’re interested in day trading stocks?  There is an old joke on Wall Street that goes, “When you buy and sell a stock that yields a profit, you can call it a good trade, but when you buy it and it goes down and you haven’t gotten […] The...

  • Using Trailing Stop Orders to Maximize Profits and Minimize Risks

    When Do I Use a Trailing Stop? he trailing stop order tool allows seasoned traders and beginning investors to overcome the most difficult aspect of investing: knowing when to sell. Taking profits and cutting losses is frequently the most emotional and potentially dangerous situation that investors...

  • Exited $LEDS Today with a $597 Profit

    April 11,2018: I exited today after a few months of drawdown from NOT following my intraday trading rules and then NOT cutting my losses quickly.  Fortunately, this stock made a nice bounce before ER was released. $LEDS was trending up nicely in pre-market (PM) today based on a strong technical...

  • $715 Swing Trading $GEN..Missed My Initial Exit!

    March 9, 2018: I picked up 5500 shares of on 16 Feb when it meant my technical analysis criteria on the 30m chart for a swing trade.  It should have been a more profitable swing trade but I let greed get in the way of my technical analysis.  I say it was greed but sleep also […] The post $715...

  • $889 Today Trading $FTFT

    February 16, 2018: was a pretty easy play today when it popped up on my intraday stock scanner (EquityFeed). I was trying to get in at around 3.50 but it was moving too fast. However,$FTFT had a decent amount of range to play with so I was able to chase within reason. I got in […] The post $889...


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