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A blog focusing on the life and times of the American actress Louise Brooks, as well as silent film, the Jazz Age and other related topics.

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  • RadioLulu back on Tune-In with Louise Brooks & silent film inspired music

    Good news! RadioLulu is back on Tune-in with Louise Brooks & silent film inspired music. That's means you can listen to this Louise Brooks Society streaming station across multiple devices - your computer, phone, or even your television. The Tune-In page for RadioLulu can be found at...

  • Diary of a Lost Girl with Louise Brooks screens in Brooklyn today

    The folks at the Brooklyn Public Library love Louise Brooks and silent film. They have shown Brooks' films a number of times. On Sunday April 14, the library is presenting a matinee screening of Diary of a Lost Girl, the once controversial Brooks' film from 1929. For those just discovering Brooks...

  • Charles Van Doren, quiz shows, Louise Brooks, and beauty as fire

    Yesterday, obituaries ran in newspapers across the country announcing the death of Charles Van Doren, the "quiz show wiz who wasn't."Back in the late 1950s, at the height of the popularity of television quiz shows, the distinguished and obviously intelligent Van Doren admitted that the programs...

  • Louise Brooks inspired film The Chaperone shows in Lawrence, Kansas on April 18th

    A special preview screening of the new film, The Chaperone, based on the best-selling book by  author Laura Moriarty and adapted by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, will take place at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas on April 18th. [The film opens in Lawrence the following day.]The screening...

  • Historical inaccuracies in The Chaperone - the new Louise Brooks-inspired film from PBS Masterpiece

    The new film from PBS Masterpiece, The Chaperone, is an enjoyable period piece which all fans of Louise Brooks will want to see. I like it, and you may too.Based on Laura Moriarty’s 2012 novel of the same name, which in turn is based on real incidents in  Brooks’ life, The Chaperone focuses on...


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