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  • Louise Brooks - Two Parallel Lives by Laura Scaramozzino

    I just became aware of a new book, Louise Brooks. Due vite Parallele (Louise Brooks: Two Parallel Lives) by Laura Scaramozzino. From what I can tell, it's an Italian noir fantasy novel in which features a character named Louise Brooks.  The publisher's description reads: "Louise Brooks è una ...

  • Three of a kind - More on Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore and Clara Bow

    A follow-up to my previous post on Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore and Clara Box . . . and a brief excerpt from volume 1 of my forthcoming book, Around the World with Louise Brooks. The previous post, which I recommend everyone check out if they haven't already, concerned the regular  comparison...

  • Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore and Clara Bow too

    In my last blog, I included a couple of 1934 clippings about Sue Read, a pretty, bob-haired young radio singer who was said to resemble Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks. It was an apt comparison, as the soprano and both actresses were pretty in a similar way, and both sported short, sharp...

  • A few bits about Louise Brooks and Tulsa (and Sue Read)

    The other day, I was thinking about Louise Brooks and Tulsa.... and whatever connections there may be between the actress and the Oklahoma city. The earliest mention of Brooks in one of the Tulsa newspapers occurred in 1922, when the Tulsa World ran an item about the 15 year old in its "All Over...

  • A bit more from Around the World with Louise Brooks via the USA

    As I blogged just recently, most all of the material in my forthcoming book, Around the World with Louise Brooks, have been sourced from international publications. The only exception is a chapter from volume one, "Mit Anderen Worten: Louise Brooks en los Estados Unidos," or "In Other Words:...


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