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A blog focusing on the life and times of the American actress Louise Brooks, as well as silent film, the Jazz Age and other related topics.

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  • Book recommendations from the Louise Brooks Society

    If you are stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic and are wanting to catching up on your reading... may we recommend the following books on Louise Brooks, silent film, and early Hollywood. Many, but not all, of these titles are available through local independent bookstores like Powell's...

  • Support the Louise Brooks Society, support Larry Edmunds Bookshop

    If you love movies, and if you love reading about the movies - then you will love Larry Edmunds bookshop in Hollywood. Opened in 1938, it is a longtime Mecca for film buffs, film historians, writers, collectors, celebrities and just about anyone with an interest in film. Louise Brooks was living in...

  • Louise Brooks Society announcement regarding RadioLulu

    The economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic is leading many of us to reevaluate our needs and expenses. Who knows what the future holds? For me, these expenses includes various costs incurred in running the Louise Brooks Society and its website. There are domain and web hosting...

  • Recommended reading - Rediscovering Roscoe The Films of “Fatty” Arbuckle

    Before the coronavirus interrupted life as we knew it, there was a book I was meaning to write-up here on the Louise Brooks Society blog. That book is Rediscovering Roscoe: The Films of “Fatty” Arbuckle, by Steve Massa. It is an excellent read, and a book that belong on the shelf of anyone...

  • Louise Brooks film Prix de beauté made available for online streaming during coronavirus crisis

    Yesterday's blog,Where and how to stream Louise Brooks and silent & classic film from home, featured a segment on Italy's Cineteca Milano. In response to the worldwide coronavirus crisis, that prestigious film archive has made parts of its rich catalogue available to stream online. Among the 500...


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