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My personal blog is about growing, exploring and creating happier problems for the universe. Sharing the learning from interesting books, discussions and seminars. Publishing blogs about 5 to 7 times per week. Author reads over 40 books each year about the topics learning, happiness, leadership and growth. Currently he is working as a Team Leader at Trainers' House plc, change management company that helps businesses to achieve the desired change more likely.


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Tags: growth, personal development, mindfulness, action, energy, goals, happiness, purpose, learning

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  • Solution orientated communication

    Solution orientation is often heard, less practiced. Masterful way to practice solutions orientation would mean ability to produce three possible solutions to any given situation and then give recommendation of choice of these three. It sounds easier than it is, as situations in life come and go...

  • Circle of Control: Attitude

    Out of everything that happens to us during life, attitude is what defines our life experience in all situations. Consciously choosing a mental attitude is a sort of pre-empting to whatever happens to us and how do we take that. Positive mental attitude primes the mind to seek the good, while...

  • Finding What’s Really Important

    Past is past, we should accept that and move on. Future has yet to come, we shouldn’t worry about it too much. What we are left with is the present. Using the present moment in smart ways to do important things is the one key skill that we need in life. We need to have […]

  • Imperfecting Life

    The longer I’ve lived, the more I’ve realized how important it is to strive for imperfection. What is even more curious, as I strive for imperfection this can be misinterpreted easily by people who do not know me so well. Yes, I am very interested in personal growth and learning. That doesn’t...

  • Use Negative Swing to Create Positive Momentum

    Power of perspectives is so powerful, you can literally turn anything upside down and build upon the momentum. This applies in good and in bad. Usually people would rather have more of the good and less of the bad. It’s completely within our power to decide how each event will serve us: is it a...


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