blog is a premium bookmark manager. It helps users spend less time digging for links and more time browsing them. The product is rich in features, offering various integrations, a rich mobile experience, apps for both iOS and Android and browser extensions for both a number of major browsers. On our blog we write about ways to be more productive, usually with, but there is a broader application to our content, too.


Added: Dec 11, 2017

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  • Have you seen our brand-new Widgets Marketplace?

    In our new Widgets Marketplace, you’ll find all of the almost 8,000 widgets we offer to our users. You can quickly browse, search and add widgets to your page. In this article, you’ll find four reasons why we think you’ll love the new Widgets Marketplace. New functionality We...

  • New features for embedding and social sharing of your pages

    It’s always been possible to share pages you built with Now, we made it even easier: we’ve added an option to embed your page inside your blog or existing website. And we made sharing your page on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks a lot easier. How to share your...

  • Free PRO subscription & Resources for Teachers

    As the coronavirus sweeps the world, many countries feel obliged to lock down their schools, cancel all events and urge companies to work from home, to contain or mitigate the disease as much as possible. The disruption of our social and economic life appears to be immense. Our hearts go out to...

  • Want to know how we improved lately?

    Every week, our development team works hard to improve our service. This time around, we’ve improved with faster loading times. Yes, again! We also upgraded our bookmarklet. And that’s not all by a long shot. So, if you’re curious to know everything about your favorite bookmark...

  • We just made Importing bookmarks even better

    Importing bookmarks from your browser is not difficult at all. You simply click the Add Content button, locate the Import Bookmarks button and your HTML-file, and see the magic happen. Still, we saw room for improvement. Our users did too. So we added some excellent new features upon request. This...


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