blog is a premium bookmark manager. It helps users spend less time digging for links and more time browsing them. The product is rich in features, offering various integrations, a rich mobile experience, apps for both iOS and Android and browser extensions for both a number of major browsers. On our blog we write about ways to be more productive, usually with, but there is a broader application to our content, too.


Added: Dec 11, 2017

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  • Discover revisited: an inspiring new take on the Web!

    If you’ve ever manually added a bookmark to your page, you know that we offer suggestions in the process. Once you start typing, you’ll see them. But did you know we also provide tons of tips in categories? In this article, we’ll show you additional ways to spice up your trusted...

  • Archive pages like a pro

    Until today it wasn’t possible to archive pages. You only had one option if you wanted to clean up your list of pages: delete them entirely. Now you can Archive them first, and Dearchive them later. Or delete them after all. Your life has just become even more organized. Archived pages...

  • Requested new feature: change your bookmark icon on the fly!

    Without a bookmark icon, your start page wouldn’t look the same. That’s not our opinion, it’s a well-known fact to all our customers. One of them reached out to us on Twitter, and this is what happened.  A tweet about a bookmark icon On February 15 one of our customers, Fernando Scheps,...

  • Have you seen our improved Team Admin and Billing Portal?

    In this article, we re-introduce our Team Admin section. Now it’s even easier to work in a team. We’ll show you how to share your pages, access the Team Admin, and keep a clear overview of everyone you want to work with. We also introduce the new Billing Portal where you can manage your...

  • Chrome warning: Deceptive site ahead

    Update: This issue is resolved now. However, be aware that the following widgets may be affected: Stock widget, Embed widget, Calendar widget, Chart widget. We are working on a solution for these widgets, but this will take some time. **** Dear users of, Unfortunately, as of this...


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