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  • Shooting at Germany at the Stalin Line near Minsk

    Many may be familiar with the French Maginot Line. The Soviet counterpart, the Stalin Line, is far less well known. 35 kilometers from Minsk, some of the few remains have been turned into a "Military Amusement Park".

  • Druzhnyj: A lost place for true friends

    In the Soviet Union, the kids didn't fly to London in Summer, but went to the Communist Pioneer Camp. One of these camps is rotting away in a forest near Minsk...

  • Belarus Road Trip

    There is not much to see in Minsk, so most people will want to visit other places in Belarus. And Minsk serves as a good starting point for a round trip car hire! :)

  • To the Minsk War Museum with the Red Army

    I went to the "Night of the Museum" at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk. "What could go wrong?", I thought... ;)

  • The Zaslonov Children’s Railroad in Minsk

    Reliability, commitment and leadership skills were to be consciously promoted in the Soviet Union. And how could one train these three qualities better than by letting children operate a railway line?


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