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Managing Information highlight the challenges organizations must address to manage their information effectively. It provides practical guidance on how we as individuals can contribute to improving information management in our organizations.


Added: May 15, 2014

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Tags: information management, data management, information overload

Recent Posts

  • Invisible Information in Invisible Information Technology

    Donald Norman (1998) advocated the concept of invisible technology, however, as the design of information technology has developed and technology has become invisible, information has also lost is visibility.  Action is needed to make information visible in information technology. Invisible...

  • Hold onto Your Information, Not to Cybersecurity

    Organizations rely on cybersecurity to keep information secure this can detract from the real issue of creating a culture of information responsibility. The post Hold onto Your Information, Not to Cybersecurity appeared first on Managing Information in Organizations.

  • Unwanted Email: Did You Want That Email?

    Email is perhaps one of the biggest contributing factors to information overload for many people.  It has become the standard approach for communication, providing a record that contact was attempted and evidence, though unreliable, of whether the communication was reciprocated.  This blog...

  • Morphing Organizations

    Organizations must respond to changes in their internal and external environment in order to survive. The term ‘morphing organization’ is used to reflect that although the organization changes, some elements of the organization need to remain the same to maintain the organization’s identity....

  • Dangerous Data: A Health Warning

    Information technology provides the means for capturing, storing, processing and retrieving data in information systems.  Advances in information technology have continually challenged information systems to explore new ways in which the data captured can be used.  The move from improving...


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