An archaeologists blog on the history of plants and animals, climate change and all things green. Content ranges from short stories on plants and animals to the latest debates and theories on subjects new and old.


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Recent Posts

  • The Paleo Diet – From an Archaeological Perspective

    What is The Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet is a diet based on doing away with current processed foods and returning to a more ‘natural’ diet, one more similar to what our ancestors would have eaten. Paleo referring to the palaeolithic, an era perhaps more commonly referred to as the early stone...

  • G.M. Crops [infographic]

    – The post G.M. Crops [infographic] appeared first on

  • Frankenstein’s Sheep: The Story of Stockbreeding – Part Two

    So this post is a continuation of an earlier post on my dissertation, found here. It has been months since I wrote anything on this topic but having now completed my dissertation it seems about time. It has only been a few weeks after I stopped writing on sheep, reading about sheep and learning...

  • Parchment: A New Future for DNA Analysis

    Two years ago I started my dissertation on sheep and finished it 12 months later. I moved away from York and started working and now I am back at York, studying, you guessed it! Sheep. Well more specifically sheep skin. Maybe I’m broken but I think it’s incredibly interesting. I love what I am...

  • 10 Great Reads: Making Sense of the World Around You

    1. Forces of Nature by Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen Only after reading this book did I realise just how unbelievably little I had learnt in science at school and how unbelievably brilliant science is. This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to learn about difficult the scientific concepts such...


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