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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Honoring our Veterans

    After a computer crash this fall, I was going through old files that had been backed up on a disc, and ran across this post. I remember every detail of the events it describes, but I have absolutely no memory of ever writing it down.Even though it focuses on 9/11, its subject matter is the honor,...

  • A star-spangled visit to Fort McHenry

    The flag still flies at the spot where it was seen by FrancisScott Key when he penned the Star Spangled Banner.It's been exactly a month since I visited "the birthplace of the National Anthem" for the 200th anniversary of the "Star Spangled Banner," but I am only just getting around to writing a...

  • Two-time winner of Southern Fiction Award

    I can't believe summer is really here, and we are heading into the Fourth of July holiday weekend! I have been trying to get the garden in shape, but it's been slow-going this year. We do finally have some beans coming, along with broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, corn, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers....

  • Patriots' Day marks release of Revolutionary War novella

    Revolutionary War novellaBy Jessica James´╗┐"The spark from a single candlecan light a sacred flame."I'm sure most of you remember the poem that starts:"On the 18th of April in '75,Hardly a man is still aliveThat remembers that famous day and year."Yes, it's called "Paul Revere's Ride," and it's...


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