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  • What are you craving for?

    Don't deny it! There were times that you were badly craving for something to satisfy your taste buds!Do cravings have something to do with our emotions? With our desires? And in order to satisfy ourselves we have to have what we're craving for?Cravings? I have that and you too! You cannot deny that...

  • Oliver! The Musical (1968) Food Glorious Food

    Do you know this song? Been searching for videos about food and found this and thought of sharing it with you.Food Glorious Food from the 1968 musical, Oliver!Is it worth the waiting for?If we live till eighty fourAll we ever get is gruel!Every day we say our prayer --Will they change the bill of...

  • A Glimpse of Bantayan Island, Cebu

    Summer is just around the corner. Where are you headed to this time? I'm sure, wherever it is, it will be full of fun and excitement!My apologies, this post will not give you much details about our trip but allow me to share to you some photos of Bantayan Island. These photos were taken back in...

  • Lemon Grass, Vietnam - Thailand Food

    It was a veggie-kind-of-day at Lemon Grass!Lemon Grass is a restaurant located in Ayala Terraces, Ayala Centre Cebu serving Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.We are a group of 4 people and decided to order a group meal. It was quite a challenge choosing from the menu when one can't have chicken, the...

  • Cebu City: Busy Streets

    Here are some photos of the busy streets of Cebu's downtown area. All images below are owned by Dondon P. Tan. Please don't publish in other places without the consent of the owner. Did you know that there is a street in Cebu's downtown area where the sidewalk is full of used items being sold at a...


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