I'm LJ Nissen and I help people find value in the market. I do this both by giving advice on technical and fundamental analysis.

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  • Nucor, Inc.

    Fundamental analys of Nucor, July 15, 2017 Update, August 14, 2017 Nucor is valued at 22.2 times its earnings in 2016. This is in my opinion too pricey. If we then estimate the earnings for this year to $3.50 the P/E multiple comes in at 15.8 which is still too high, but slightly better. Balance...

  • Johnson & Johnson

    Fundamental analysis of Johnson & Johnson, June 30, 2017 Update, August 13, 2017 At 22.4 times earnings the Johnson & Johnson stock is too expensive for my taste. In the first quarter they earned $1.61 which allows us to say that they will be making at least $5.50 for the year. This gives a forward...

  • Stanley Black & Decker

    Fundamental analysis of Stanley Black & Decker, June 10, 2017 Update, 170810 The price of the SWK stock hasn’t really been moving since we last looked. The one thing that has changed is that they have released a new quarterly report. Based on the quarterly report the company earned $4.40 for the...

  • Hormel Foods

    Fundamental analysis of Hormel Foods Corp. (ticker: HRL), May 26, 2017 Update August 7, 2017 Hormel Foods is still expensive at 20.5 times trailing earnings. If we assume that the company will earn $1.60 this year the P/E multiple come in at a similar 21.0. The P/E over the average past three years...

  • Technical analysis

    Today I want to look at technical analysis of precious metals and other commodities. Technical analysis of crude oil, August 5, 2017 This is a weekly chart of crude oil: Description: The chart is getting squeezed between one supporting trend line (below) and another putting pressure on prices...


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