I'm LJ Nissen and I help people find value in the market. I do this both by giving advice on technical and fundamental analysis.

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  • Why improving your skills may lead to more luck

    If you are a golfer you know that you don’t always hit the ball perfectly. Sometimes you miss the ball ever so slightly and the results are horrible. But sometimes the reverse is true – you miss the shot, but your drive still turns out all right and somehow it seems as though the better...

  • Stop wasting time

    It is a dream of many investors is to hit a “ten bagger”. A “ten bagger” is where you are making more than ten times your initial investment when exiting the investment. Of course, it’s nice when it happens, but it’s important to remember that not all stocks have that potential. During...

  • Technical analysis

    Today I want to look at technical analysis of precious metals and other commodities. Technical analysis of crude oil, October 1, 2017 This is a weekly chart of crude oil: Description: The chart is heading up towards the descending trend line and right now it sits just at it. From now on it will be...

  • S & W Seed

    Fundamenal analysis of S & W Seed Company (ticker: SANW), May 19, 2017 Update: 25 September, 2017 The company made a loss of $11.8 million last year which equates to -$0.67 per share. Despite of that the share is traded at $3.175 which is a lot of money. Last year the stock was trading at […] The...

  • My top 10 financial metrics

    No matter how long you’ve been investing, there will inevitably come a time when you ask yourself if there’s a financial metric that is better than the others. What financial metrics can do is to help you to put a number on the value of a company. So the question is, how do you find […] The...


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