I'm LJ Nissen and I help people find value in the market. I do this both by giving advice on technical and fundamental analysis.

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  • Technical analysis

    Today I want to look at technical analysis of precious metals and other commodities.   Technical analysis of crude oil, June 21, 2017 This is a weekly chart of crude oil: Description: The chart has been in a pennant until a few weeks ago. Now all the resistance in the chart is gone.   The...

  • A company wants to buy my site for $1.6m. I’m currently making between $8k and $11k a week with it.

    Is this a good deal? You have a website that is generating a good amount of cash. You have been approached by a company that wants to buy your site. You have been offered $1.6m for it. Now you are asking yourself if you should sell your precious business or if you should keep it […] The post A...

  • Fundamental analysis of small-cap stocks

    Fundamental analysis of Fluor Corporation (FLR), June 19, 2017 Description: Fluor Corporation is an american engineering and construction company based in Dallas, Texas. Valuation: Fluor is expensive at 22.5 times trailing earnings. Calculating a P/E over an average of the past three years’...

  • How to use Microsoft Excel in finance – Part 3

    This time we will look a bit more in depth on how to use Microsoft Excel for financial calculations. What we will look at today is Financial statements and how to use them in order to understand the financial health of a company. In particular we will look at: Financial statements Balance sheet...

  • What do you buy when you buy shares in a publicly traded company?

    Today I would like to dive into the question of what you are actually buying when you buy shares in a publicly traded company. Equity If you are anything like me you’ve been thinking: “What’s the point of buying shares in the first place? Why would anybody want to do that?” So why on earth...


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