VanOne blog is written by and for those who moved or planning to move from the UK to other European countries. The blog consists of the collection of articles where each article is about social life, how to buy a property, how to get a job, how to move with pets, health care, transportation and practical tips about life in all 28 EU countries.


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  • Public Transport Timisoara Romania

    The Public Transport Timisoara consists of extensive network of trams, trolleybuses, buses, designated cycling paths, taxis and very efficient network of Uber drivers. Most Romanians from Timisoara, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s speak good English and are very helpful. The good thing...

  • Property renting process in Austria

    Having just arrived from London to escape the rainy cold winters of the UK to spend the winter skiing in the Austrian Alps, I was lucky enough to move straight into an apartment found by a friend. Therefore, being blissfully unaware of the puzzling property renting process in Austria. Albeit this...

  • How to get Red White Red Card in Austria

    Since 2011 Austria has introduced the Red White Red Card which allows workers who meet certain criteria from non-EU countries, to live and work in Austria with the intention of permanently settling here. This is the journey of my good friend’s Lou from Australia. Lou was one of the lucky ones to...

  • What is 1 Cubic Meter in Feet?

    How much take 1 cubic metre in a van - preparation for removal - watch our videoThe post What is 1 Cubic Meter in Feet? appeared first on International Movers.

  • How Much Space 5 Cubic Metres is ?

    Volume: 5 cubic metres - how much space does it take in a van? Watch our video.The post How Much Space 5 Cubic Metres is ? appeared first on International Movers.


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