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E- fashion ally is focused mostly on fashion for women and girls. Also it includes useful tips and advises from the fashion, beauty and hair world.

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  • How to treat the acne?

    Acne is really one of the most common issue of the almost all women or girls. Some of us have problems with acne during the teen age some of us have problems with it in their 20’s or later. For some of you may be surprising that event an adult women can have acne too, … Continue reading How to...

  • The perfect prom dress for your body type

    In the previous article How to choose the right prom dress  we discussed 3 basic tips how to choose the best fitting and perfect dress for your prom night.  The second tips was related to choosing dress type for your specific body shape. So I decided as promised to discuss that in this post....

  • How to choose the right dress for the prom?

    Prom is one of the most important and influential day in the life of the girls who are entering the adulthood by finishing their high schools. It’s no wonder that each one of them would like to look like a princess and to do so they need to find the perfect and best-fitting gown for … Continue...


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