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Rock Star Knitting following the crafting, mostly knitting, exploits of Jenn Dixon through her projects, goals, and failures.


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Recent Posts

  • Birthday Yarn

    Now, please note, my birthday isn’t until October, but my aunt and uncle recently moved, and rather misplace my gift during their transition, my aunt chose to give it to me while she knew where it was.  She gave me some BEAUTIFUL birthday yarn. The yarn is by Leading Men Fiber Arts, and I made...

  • Sputnik and His Sweater

    See Sputnik in his sweater?  Yup, I knit him a sweater.  Since he’s a short haired dog, I figured a sweater would be a good idea for him in the upcoming colder months that I really don’t want to think about right now. Details?  I used Colette Smith’s Easy-On Dog Sweater pattern available...

  • Unintentionally AWOL

    Readers, I am truly sorry for going unintentionally AWOL.  Really.  I have been experiencing creative blocks not only in writing, but in my knitting, photography, and art, as well.  I can’t seem to start a project, and if I do, it takes a lot of effort. I have been knitting, but have felt that...

  • MillaMia Yarn From LoveKnitting

    The nice people at LoveKnitting sent me some yarn to try out.  Yay!  Yarn!  What I received in the mail yesterday was three balls yarn from their Scandinavian line, MillaMia.  The yarn is Naturally Soft Cotton, it comes in 50 gram balls, a it is a sport weight yarn. The weather just got as hot...

  • Crocheting Like a Mad Woman

    Sometimes I like to mix things up and do a little crochet for a while.  This past weekend I was crocheting like a mad woman!  I finished the above elephant, yes, that’s what it’s supposed to be, and did another project, too. What really inspired me to do this was to up my crochet game …...


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