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Dave the Web Guy contemplates and evangelizes the virtue of a truly independent web where people "surf n' scatter" to a million websites rather than to just a handful of resourceful players. It tries to remind the world that setting up a Facebook page is not the same as setting up a web page.

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Recent Posts

  • Where I Land On Trump Presidency

    My meandering overlap of expression one way or another about Trump's election may be confusing. Make no mistake, I didn't want him and didn't vote for him. But, these are the realities everyone needs to face...

  • No MSM, Trump is Not Embracing Obamacare

    I am still cringing at the prospects of 4 or more years of Trumpism. But that terrible political reality which I can do little about is compounded by the media which still seems hell-bent on driving American divisiveness.

  • I Knew Trump Would Win Until I Didn't

    Early on I thought Trump might win. Not that I wanted him to since he had chosen to align himself with the Republicans whose number one policy target in a world where they ran things was Obamacare; and I like Obamacare. Obamacare was one of the few reasons I was voting for Hillary aside from...

  • Police Eggs...

    Believe it or not, I predicted something neat, sort of. Even though it isn't me making the prediction, and I am the one nay saying it. If it even is a prediction since there's no date involved.

  • A Note About This Election

    In this particular election cycle we aren't voting for a candidate who isn't a murderer, we're voting for the better candidate.


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