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Recent Posts

  • Peren Hintz – Old School Cool

    The Peren Hintz is the 3rd release from Andy Bica. Staying true to the Transylvanian inspiration and heritage of Peren, The Hintz is a tribute to the work of Eugen Hintz, one of the most respected and successful watchmakers in 1900's Transylvania.

  • BLWRX – Is this the perfect 36mm woman’s quartz dress watch?

    In the past I have reviewed a few men’s watch’s from BLWRX/Neymar, a prolific Chinese microbrand watch company. The company’s watches combine classic homage designs with exceptional quality and value. For this review I have the first woman’s watch I have seen from the company.

  • Ocean7 CP-1 – A ceramic dive watch like no other

    Ocean7 is a watch brand that I have only recently become aware of. As a new microbrand, coming up with a major game changing dive watch is a difficult task.

  • Adventurous, Bold and XTREME lifestyle with Neminus

    My last article for the year 2019 was Master Diver 1000 by Neminus and the brand is back again with a new set of divers collection - Xtreme Divers which features 3 different dial variation; Marine Salvage Diver (red), Deadhead Logger (black) and Nuclear Reactor Diver (yellow).

  • Review – Oceaneva GMT Deep Marine Explorer 1250M Pro Diver

    Back in June of 2019, I reviewed the Oceaneva Deep Marine Explorer 1000M Pro Diver watch, a Swiss automatic dive watch with amazing build quality and value. Oceaneva is now introducing a quartz GMT version of this watch.


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