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Recent Posts

  • To the Moon and Black – Alpha M1957-Black Review

    Alpha is a Chinese watch company that has been in business over 26 years and specializes in remarkable high value, high quality watches. For this review I have their homage to the legendary Omega Moonwatch.

  • Review – Hemel Hydrodurance

    The Hemel Hydrodurance is part of the new HD series of Marvin Menke’s line of dive watches. To make a dive watch stand out from the crowd and still perform in an exemplary manner is difficult in today’s vast market of dive watches.

  • Review – McManus M2824 Automatic Dive Watch

    It has been quite a while since I have looked at a crowdfunded watch company that is very new to the market. Today I will be examining a prototype of the McManus M2824 Automatic Dive Watch.

  • Gruppo Gamma’s New Vanguard Collection

    USER SUBMITTED - In recent years we're seeing the rise of small independent brands that increasingly appeal to enthusiasts. Gruppo Gamma was founded in 2013, fuelled by a strong desire to design and build timepieces that can be appreciated by collectors and aficionados.

  • Review – Giorgio Piola STRAT-3 Chronograph

    New watch brands are developed all the time. Different passions help turn an idea into reality where the product reflects the people or person behind the brand. Giorgio Piola is a real person who has made a 50 year career as the top illustrator, author, technical analyst, television commentator...


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