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Intresting and funny top ten lists, such as the 10 most unusual prisons, the 10 most powerful norse gods, the 10 most useless inventions, and many more.


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  • Top 10 Longest Reigning British Monarchs

    In 2012, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, and became one of only two British monarchs to have completed 60 years on the throne – but more on that later. A 60-year reign is an impressive achievement, especially back in the days when a crown was a hard thing to...

  • Top 10 Most Interesting Shakespearean Deaths

    The Bard is often praised for his beautiful verse, and the depictions of romance and fantasy contained within his plays. But he’s equally famous for the gruesome and creative deaths he inflicts on his characters. Some are taken from history or myth, others are from Shakespeare’s own...

  • Top 10 Screen Versions of Sherlock Holmes

    Some characters lend themselves well to constant reinvention – there have been several Supermen, a dozen Doctor Whos and a bunch of Bonds. But the most portrayed character, according to Guinness World Record is Sherlock Holmes – the English detective with his deerstalker and sharp mind. There...

  • Top 10 Most Famous Heists

    There are many ways of getting enough money to live on – working hard all your life, gambling or being born into royalty are all possibilities…or you could just steal it. That’s the route taken by the people on this list, who have managed to pull off the most audacious and impressive heists...

  • Top 10 Longest Novels

    Read any good books lately? Fancy something a bit more challenging for your next read? Try one of the world’s Top 10 Longest Novels. It’s hard to define exactly what constitutes a  long novel, as some come in more than one volume, which is counted, but others are more of a series (like the...


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