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  • Bronx Zoo Tiger Tests Positive for Coronavirus, First U.S.-Based Animal

    The USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service just released some information that'll probably come as potentially great news for pet owners, who might be freaking out at the possibility of contracting COVID-19 from their pooches or felines…

  • New Orleans Couple Gets Hitched on Front-Porch, Sidewalk First Dance

    A couple in New Orleans just tied the knot with one of the most creative -- and probably sweetest -- ceremonies we've seen in a while ... and it was quarantine friendly!!! The two lovebirds are Alex Cotant and Darla Edin-Cotant, and they got…

  • L.A.'s Farmers Markets Still Packed As Many Violate Social Distancing

    There's an ancient song by Peter Paul and Mary, which lyrics include this -- "When will they ever learn?" -- and it has sudden relevance today because open-air markets were packed this weekend, and it's insane. Check out the Studio City Farmers…

  • College Grad Picks Up Diploma from UPS Driver, Has At-Home Ceremony

    A college student who had his diploma ceremony stripped away because of the coronavirus got creative on behalf of his grandmother -- and a UPS driver was happy to help. The at-home impromptu graduation ceremony went down last week in Richmond,…

  • Queen Elizabeth Tells Brits to Hang Tough in Coronavirus Address

    Queen Elizabeth II just delivered an official palace address to the UK about the coronavirus pandemic -- her basic message ... hang in there, y'all!!! We're being flip, but that's the gist of Her Majesty's broadcast speech. QE2 tells the British to…


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