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  • 29 Twitter Replies That’ll Make You Scream ‘YA BURNT!’

    Twitter isn’t always a fantastic place—sometimes, it can be downright revolting. However, there’s one area in particular in which it excels: satisfying our collective need for schadenfreude. From clapbacks, to insults, to subtweets, there’s always some irresistibly entertaining drama going...

  • 32 Funny Book Memes For People Who’d Rather Spend Time With A Book Than A Person

    Human interaction is overrated. Why talk to real people when you can sit quietly and read to your heart’s content? Sure, real people can talk back and you can have conversations, but there are tons of conversations in books that you don’t even have to be part of. Reading is so much easier than...

  • 45 Jokes You’ll Only Find Funny If You Casually Hate Yourself

    If you casually hate yourself, like a healthy light sprinkling of self-loathing blended with social anxiety and topped with the inability to function like a real adult human being a lot of the time, welcome to the club! We are very inclusive. This one’s for you: 45. 44. 43. 42. 41. 40. 39. 38....

  • 15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Needs To Stop And Read Immediately

    I’ve been on twitter for about 6 years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to find hilarious jokes for this list every week. You’d think I’d run out at some point, but nope. Twitter is a bottomless well of jokes (and lots of other not so great stuff lately) […] More The post...

  • 14 Pictures That Will Make Tall People Say ‘Me’

    It’s not easy being tall. Clothing doesn’t always fit, shower heads can be too low, and you might find yourself dusting places in your house no one else will ever see. Hugs are awkward, selfies are tough, and you sometimes have to lean down to look in the mirror. Of course, as a short person,...


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