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  • Self-Care Sunday (15 Pics)

    If there were ever a time for self-care, it’s now. Care for your mental and physical state. Hopefully, this dies something for the mental part. The physical part is up to everyone. 1. DIY face mask, from the Surgeon General. 2. All humans must keep indoors. All humans will self isolate. By order...

  • 27 Of The Best & Funniest Texts Of All Time (Of This Week)

    U up Pleated-Jeans? It’s Texts From Last Night, back for our weekly rundown of the best and funniest text submissions we’ve gotten Hope you enjoy. And, naturally, if you have any texts of your own you’d like us to feature, please submit them via any one of these fine electronic platforms:...

  • Animal Crossing Memes Are Kind Of The #1 Reason To Play Animal Crossing (17 Memes)

    Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released just in time to be stuck at home for a few months. What better way to social distance than to create your own social simulation? Do yourself a favor and get the game, if for no other reason than to laugh at these funny Animal Crossing memes....

  • Saturday Afternoon Random Randomness (31 Pics)

    You’re probably thinking “what do all of these pictures even have in common?” Well, I’ll tell you: absolutely nothing. And that’s the way we like it. Happy Sat-Aft (as we call it.) random links:...

  • 16 Memes That Probably Won’t Make You Feel Better About Getting $1200 From The Government

    I’m not really trying to get political, but I’ve spent most of this pandemic quarantined to my small apartment watching the internet and few things have made me laugh like I do when someone calls out how backward the system is. We might want to reconsider a few things is my point. I get that...


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