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  • 22 Bootleg Products That Are So Bad, They’re Good

    Buying bootleg products is a great way to save a few bucks. However, when it comes to bootleg stuff, you’re often trading price for quality. These funny bootleg products are a nightmare of poor design and they deserve a standing ovation. via Bootleg Stuff More The post 22 Bootleg Products That...

  • 23 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make Your Spit Water On Your Screen

    If a photo is about the pose, then it’s “photography”. That’s art. When it’s about being perfectly timed, that’s luck. These perfectly timed photos are great examples of waiting for something funny to happen and then capturing it. That’s why I think every person in the world should...

  • 16 Hilarious And Horrifying Children’s Drawings You Wouldn’t Put On The Fridge

    Children’s drawings are normally fine: usually just superheroes or a crappy triangle and square house. You know, the same kind of stuff you probably draw. But some children’s drawings make you want to schedule an appointment with a therapist, either for yourself or them. Hopefully if you look...

  • 30 Wholesome Memes You Need In Your Life Right Now

    These aren’t the most hilarious memes. These aren’t the dankest memes. These aren’t the newest, hottest memes. Heck, some of them aren’t even actual memes. These are meant to pick you up when you are down. This is a safe place to come every week and feel good. You deserve it. I love you. 1....

  • 18 Lazy Geniuses Who Put The Bare Minimum Into Christmas Decorations

    Christmas decorations are fun to look at, not so much fun to set up. But there’s a couple of innovators out there who have their cake and eat it too: Christmas decorations without the effort. So if you want to just hit the bare minimum that’s required to call them Christmas decorations, you...


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