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  • People Are Sharing Wealth Indicators From When They Were Kids (15 Tweets)

    My family was never wealthy growing up so I can totally relate to some of these. My wealth indicators were “having good after school snacks” and “friends were allowed to come over to the house.” The kids with the tiny electric cars were the 1% of my childhood and I vow to resent them to...

  • Twitter Account @Comedian_Sorry Has Perfected The Male Comedian Apology (20 Tweets)

    The comedy scene is a heavily male-dominated space with female comedians working overtime to reach the same status or time slots as their male counterparts. More and more, women are sharing their stories of male comedians using their power and status to take advantage of them. This usually leads to...

  • People Are Sharing That One Small Act Of Kindness They Were Shown But Will Never Forget (21 Stories)

    It seems like something crazy happens every week, like the lady who can’t eat fajitas without shredded cheese or the Trader Joe’s mask incident but it’s important to remind ourselves good folks exist. This Reddit thread is a good one to peruse next time you’re down in the dumps. Acts of...

  • “Ken And Karen” Point Guns At Protestors Outside Their Home, Get Instantly Meme’d (34 Tweets)

    The Internet seems incapable of responding to anything in a normal way, so of course, this Missouri couple brandishing deadly weapons on a crowd of peaceful protestors has been turned into a wacky meme called "Ken and Karen." Their real names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey, according to the Daily...

  • Afternoon Meme Dump (6.29.20)

    We’ve temporarily suspended the “Happy Hour Meme Dump” because, well, things could probably be a little happier. But in case you could use a break from all the bullshit, here are some memes you’ll probably like. Oh, and just because we’re not calling it “happy hour” please don’t let...


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