Up Up and a Bear

I created this blog not to tell my travel stories necessarily. I wanted to make traveling less frightening for those who haven’t traveled as much. I know before I got the travel bug, the thought of traveling scared me. It meant leaving all the comforts I’m accustomed to for places unknown. I was fearful of all the “baddies” out there, but as I took the leap to see more of the world, I realized that there’s a wondrous community out there just like me – with dreams, aspirations, and stories to tell. And as I listened to their stories, I am reminded of my own humanity. I wanted to travel to discover the world, but the more I travel, the more of myself I discover. So, my goal is to arm you with all the necessary information to make your travels easy, fun and safe. And if you’re on the fence about traveling, I’m hoping to give you the confidence to take that step. My name is Hung Thai, and we’re going UP UP and a BEAR!

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