On Whiskystats.net we analyse the secondary scotch-whisky market. This means that we collect the results from dedicated online auctioneers and store them in our database. On our Board you will find our thoughts, analysis and other comments on what we observe.

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Recent Posts

  • Bonhams Edinburgh

    After we trained our algorithms to read prices from Bonhams Hong Kong, the next obvious step is to also get the prices from Bonhams Edinburgh. These new observations perfectly blend in with those from the other european auctioneers. Here are the prices from Bonhams Edinburgh!  Our recent...

  • The Whiskystats Price Update for February 2017

    The February round of auctions included a special Macallan Sale at Bonhams Hong Kong. Our Glenmorangie index continues to rise, while the most traded Bowmore bottles experienced a small price setback after an astonishing peak in January 2017.  No less than 4.741 prices were added to our whisky...

  • Hong Kong Hammer Time

    Whiskystats reaches out for the secondary whisky market in Asia. We now track the auction results from Bonhams Hong Kong. This adds a lot of price information for very rare and collectable single malts to our database!  Adding auction results from Hong Kong to our whisky database is great for many...

  • The Whiskystats Price Update for January 2017

    The first auction round of the year 2017 is history. Our overall secondary market index, the WWI, continues to climb while Laphroaig again overtook Ardbeg. Also, the Highland Park Fire Edition was added to our database.  Compared to January 2016, January 2017 was relatively quiet with only 3.635...

  • The Whiskystats Annual Report of 2016 (II/II)

    In the second part of our 2016 recap we take a look at some major market movements. Japanese whiskies stumbled to some value gain this year, while the price increases of one Speyside distillery top them all.  The first part of our annual report was focused on the secondary whisky market as a...


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