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  • Legends of Runeterra leaves open beta at the end of April

    League of Legends spin-off CCG Legends of Runeterra is just about ready to play its hand. After kicking off its open beta in January and testing its deck for the last three months, Riot are ready to play for keeps – bringing crate of new cards, a new region and a new competitive season to […]

  • Final Fantasy VII sticks to its release date, despite early physical sales

    Did you know folks are already out here playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake? While the rennovated 23-year-old RPG isn’t technically out ’til next week, it sounds like some retailers couldn’t wait another six days. But even with their darling out in the wild, Square Enix are sticking to their...

  • Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord continues its quest to quell quarrelsome crashes

    Settlements of bugs and crashes burn behind them, but the campaign is not yet complete. This Friday, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord developers TaleWords took the fight against the game’s crashing to a new front. Patch e1.0.4 purged the game of 17 more crashes, with a scant few performance issues and...

  • EVE Online prepares for dying stars, alien invasions and charity fund-raising

    Thursday should’ve been the highlight of the EVE Online calendar. But even with EVE Fanfest’s cancellation, the next few months are set to be big ones for New Eden with Eclipse, EVE’s second quadrant of the year. An extragalactic invasion comes to a head with star-snuffing starships,...

  • Priceless Play – 4 April 2020

    Now Play This, a festival for experimental game design, is one of the many games events either postponed or cancelled to stop the spread of COVID-19. The festival has been running for six years or so, celebrating the strange and unexpected in game design, and each year it brings together some truly...


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