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  • Objection withdrawn! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy coming to PC

    After years of OBJECTIONS! and protestations from PCpeeps, Capcom are finally bringing the courtroom drama of their Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games to us. The first three of their interjectory visual novels are being fancified and bundled up as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, coming our...

  • Telltale Games confirm huge layoffs and “majority studio closure”

    Following yesterday’s initial reports that Telltale Games were effectively shutting down, the studio behind licensed story ’em ups including The Walking Dead and Batman: The Enemy Within have confirmed the bad news. All but 25 Telltale employees have been let go (that’s 250-ish people gone,...

  • Priceless Play – 22nd September 2018

    I got two cats last month and I am obsessed with them. While I’m currently fostering them (and let me take this moment to suggest that you, too, foster some cats because it is life-saving) they are driving me insane. Because they’re, you know, cats. They run around at all hours of the night,...

  • What are we all playing this weekend?

    With most of RPS at EGX this weekend, I had half-hoped I’d get to fire the lot of ’em for nonparticipation and claim the treehouse’s biscuit tin for myself. Alas, some of this rotten bunch have fought through crowds, through rains of Monster cans, and through landslides of free t-shirts to...

  • Livestreaming site Twitch is now locked out of China

    After a surprisingly successful month in the territory, Chinese authorities have now blocked access to Twitch – Amazon’s massive livestreaming site – at a national level. As reported by Abacus and PC Gamer, the network reached new highs in China (becoming a top download on the iOS App...


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