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  • Metro Exodus PC graphics performance: How to get the best settings

    Once upon a time, there was an old saying in PC gaming spheres: ‘But will it run Crysis?’ Then the apocalypse happened, and civilisation retreated to the dark tunnels of its underground tube system, the phrase becoming lost and morphed in the intervening years. Now we say in hushed, hallowed...

  • Podcast: Guns, guns, guns

     Bang bang, listeners. This week we are talking about the greatest guns, the wackiest weapons, the most fabulous firearms, all in a serious and knowing fashion on the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show. The pod squad are stocking a chest full of videogame firearms, like three frightening...

  • Fortnite dance lawsuit: Alfonso Ribeiro turned down for ‘Carlton dance’ copyright

    While Fortnite Battle Royale throws concerts and prepares for , the lawsuits against developers Epic Games that claim they copied various dance for their unlockable emotes rumble on. One of the litigants has suffered a setback though, as Alfonso Ribeiro was denied copyright for the famous...

  • Jump Force bounds onto PC today

    Manga mash-up fighter Jump Force is out today, and I feel there’s something almost uniquely off-putting about its aesthetic. Don’t be me wrong – I’ve nothing against anime – but Spike Chunsoft appear to have carefully cultivated a look for their fighter that I can only describe as...

  • PSA: You should play Metro Exodus with Russian dialogue

    Like everyone else and their irradiated mutant grandmother, I’ll be playing Metro Exodus this weekend. I gave 4A’s Stalkers-on-a-train opus a quick trial run this morning, but was immediately dismayed by a surfeit of malodorous fromage in its cod-Russian-accented English dialogue. It’s not...


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