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  • Celebrating Life Events Frugally and Meaningfully

    I recently celebrated my birthday with my family and a few friends. It was a decidedly low key affair. We went out to dinner together at a pretty low-cost restaurant with some good vegetarian fare, and then we played some board games together. Yes, I’m quite the party animal, but this is actually...

  • Costco vs. Amazon Fresh: A Real-World Grocery Shopping Showdown

    Amazon made big waves in the business world with its recent purchase of Whole Foods Market. As surprising as that was, it makes sense — Amazon was already a big player in the grocery game. They offer many bulk foods, as well as fresh food deliveries in certain areas through their Amazon Fresh...

  • Personal Cash Flow and You

    Let’s start out with defining exactly what “cash flow” means. It’s a business term that refers to the amount of money coming into and going out of a business over a period of time. In general, positive cash flow means that the amount of cash (and other things they might easily sell for cash...

  • Five Back-to-School Items I Refuse to Buy This Year

    Is there anything that says “summer is basically over” quite like the arrival of next year’s school supply list? Since my children’s school follows a “modified, year-round” schedule, they head back to school today, August 2nd. This is a huge departure from when I was a child; back...

  • Buying Things Versus Buying Experiences: A Deeper Look

    One of the core ideas that I like to share regarding personal finance success revolves around the idea that it’s better to spend your money on “experiences” rather than “stuff.” For example, I’d rather spend $100 going to a convention for a particular hobby than spend $100 on items for...


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