The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

Photos of quotation marks used improperly, with humorous commentary.


Added: Apr 29, 2014

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  • A new thing

    I started a new thing where I relay my husband's strong opinions about consumer products. It's called Justin's Opinions.So far there are posts about coffee-making, baby transporting, and miscellaneous kitchen items. It's meant to be entertaining but also a place to look for people considering a...

  • Thanks Everybody

    (thanks to Jared for the above image)I guess I need to come to terms with the reality that I no longer update this blog. This has happened for a few reasons: 1) I took on more responsibility and got busier in other parts of my life, including my (ahem) "real" job and more volunteer responsibility...

  • "tu amigo"

    Submitter Jeroen explains,"The photo was taken in Cusco, Peru during local election time. Aparently Mr. Santiago wants to become mayor and (then will) also be 'your friend'."

  • Book Recommendation: Heaven's Forgotten

    I promise I will get back to the funny punctuation pics soon, but I wanted to congratulate my friend Branden Johnson on the publication of his first novel, Heaven's Forgotten today. I've read part of it already and I can tell you that the writing is compelling and fast-paced and the characters are...

  • "Store cool"

    I assume this is some kind of spy code? Thanks Emma.


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