The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

Photos of quotation marks used improperly, with humorous commentary.


Added: Apr 29, 2014

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  • Lots of layers of emotions going on in this one

    We made it to Friday! In my house, this means my 3 year old will be singing a classic Rebecca Black jam that I mostly don't regret exposing her to.This picture from Fred seems a bit on the nose, but if you want to tell people you're a bar for sad alcoholics who am I to stand in your way.Tom sent me...

  • A very tricky green button and more

    Hello, it's Thursday!Sarah sent me this one, which has me all in my feelings about the illusion of privacy. "Thank You"This next one is from Mike and has me wondering exactly what kind of "service" they are offering.Stacey sent me this one. Look for the "green button" that isn't a green button....

  • Existential squash questions and more

    First picture for today is this one from Brooks. There's some kind of a winking situation going on, but I don't know who it is for. Maybe you can actually get away with a $51 purchase?Next one is from Todd. I mean, if you really think about it, what even are food categories anyway. All signs are...

  • The Safety Zone

    It's Tuesday, apparently. What even are days anymore? Anyway, here's some toilet seat cover packaging that I think is telling me to flush myself down the toilet? But not seriously, which is a relief. Thanks for sending it Matt.Nathan sent me this truck which seems to be a bit of a tease.Riley sent...

  • New Quotation Marks for Monday

    Ok another day another post with a few mystifying quotation marks. The first one was sent by Drew. Not sure how to "let them know" but I know one thing, the manager is not the one who will be taking care of it.This one is even more of a blast from the past than most, it was taken in Las Vegas in...


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