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Earl left the USA for a three-month trip to Southeast Asia on December 25th, 1999. A trip that has yet to finish, and has involved over 70 countries.

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  • My Galapagos Islands Trip – 34 Favorite Photos (and a video)

    A short time ago, I was on a flight to Ecuador, about to embark on a 7-day Galapagos Islands trip. As I'm traveling constantly, I barely had time to process my plans or to research or to gain a fair understanding of what I should expect. All I knew is that my Galapagos Islands trip [...] The post...

  • Incredible Rio de Janeiro Hang Gliding Experience

    I never thought I’d go hang gliding. Then one day while in Rio de Janeiro my girlfriend said, ‘A friend of mine told me that we should go hang gliding.’ That was all it took. We did 15 minutes of research, made a reservation and two days later we were in an Uber on our [...] The post...

  • My Galapagos Trip Was An Experience of a Lifetime

    As I stood outside the tiny airport on Baltra Island, I was quite eager to get this adventure started. I could barely even chat with the 12 other people around me. My Galapagos trip with Andando Tours, on board the S/S Mary Anne sailing vessel, had now become a reality. Eight days later, I was...

  • How I Booked 13 Flights Around the World for $2200

      That was crazy. My girlfriend and I recently booked a ton of flights around the world. We needed to get from Europe to South America, then travel all around South America before heading to the USA and back to Europe before I fly off to India in mid-February. It’s not usually how we travel...

  • Let’s Talk About Tourist Crowds (Are They Everywhere?)

    Tourist crowds. I'm not a huge fan. I just don't feel comfortable when the streets are jam-packed, when I need to constantly dodge other people, when I'm faced with lines and groups and little space to call my own. As travel becomes more and more popular and commonplace though, such tourist crowds...


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