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Earl left the USA for a three-month trip to Southeast Asia on December 25th, 1999. A trip that has yet to finish, and has involved over 70 countries.

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  • A List of Travel Books That Are Never On Anyone’s List

    *This is a guest post from a reader of Wandering Earl, a writer, fellow traveler and friend. Hi Folks. My name is Gordon Hopkins. I'm a writer for a small town newspaper in rural Nebraska, The Fairbury Journal-News. A few years ago, I took one of Earl's tours to India (I'm in the above photo!)....

  • The Bookbinder of Cascais (The One Thing You Need To Do In Cascais)

    If you ever find yourself in Cascais, Portugal, please walk past the beaches. Head into the heart of the old town, but do not stop. Ignore the line at Santini’s ice cream shop, pay no attention to the imposing fortress and whatever you do, stay far away from the small market in front of [...] The...

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    This is a simple one. In my never ending search for ways to get the best deals on all things travel related, I recently came across a website that makes it remarkably easy to get massive hotel discounts. The website, Club 1 Hotels, resells hotel rooms that were purchased in bulk by corporations....

  • The International Towing and Recovery Museum. I Loved It.

    I saw the sign on the side of the highway as I rolled into the small city of Chattanooga. Two days later, I drove past the sign again. I saw it a third time when I tried to find a gas station the next day. And each time I saw the sign, I shook my [...] The post The International Towing and Recovery...

  • Awesome Things To Do In Las Vegas (My Favorites)

    I just returned from an 8 day trip to Las Vegas. It was my fourth time there. As always, I spent half my time in this city shaking my head. There is no other place quite like it and regardless of any pre-conceptions, it’s worth seeing at least once in my opinion. The main reason [...] The post...


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