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My blog is about software engineering, software architecture both from an IT professional as well as personal perspective with useful tutorials, book reviews and all of my projects (mainly focusing around my attempts at a smart home API)


Added: May 19, 2015

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Recent Posts

  • Java Genetic Algorithm

    Java Genetic Algorithm An introduction to genetic algorithms (GA) for beginners. With all of the media attention that AlphaGo has been recieving recently, reminded me of a fun module I took during my times at University in Artificial Intelligence. In particular genetic algorithms. So during a long...

  • Mule json path examples and tutorial

    Mule json path examples/tutorial MVEL filtered projection In this day and age a large amount of integration work, especially when working with RESTful services tends to be using JSON. Lucky for us Mule has lots of support for JSON! 1. Using JSON path in a choice condition I see alot of use cases...

  • Installing and configuring Jenkins on Mac OS X Yosemite

    I’ve been playing around with Jenkins on my dev machine recently, a lot of installation guides I found were quite old, or set up for server boxes; whereas I just wanted something to play with locally, so I’ll run through how to install Jenkins on Mac OS Yosemite. Please bare in mind this...

  • A mule dataweave date tip

    After some time debugging I have this little “gotcha” on mule working with Dates in Mule dataweave when mapping to a JSON output. Here is the exception trace: Class com.mulesoft.weave.reader.pojo.JavaBeanPropertyValue can not access a member of class org.mule.el.datetime.DateTime$InternalDate...

  • Fun with the Mule objectstore

    Implementing my own batch with the Mule objectstore. One mule ESB integration pattern I have been proof of concepting recently is an application that will batch up some inbound messages, and only when there has been a certain amount fire these off to an external web service. This led me to having a...


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