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  • I Have Written About Currywurst, My Love.

    “You never wrote about the curry plane.” “The … the curry plane?” He nods, pouting. I am confused. “Like, a plane of existence that consists of … curry?” I ask, hoping for clarification. He is annoyed. “The curry plane.” “The curry plain,” I say, nodding, having no idea to...

  • The Faded Glory of Route 66

    My immigrant parents, while bestowing upon me the gift of worldliness, with their accents and many passports and the ease with which they code-switched, yelling at one another in English, German, Italian, and Russian, left a glaring omission in my childhood: there was no Americana. It was not that...

  • I Visited The Birthplace of the Atom Bomb. Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Bradbury Science M

    Rand’s work had brought us to New Mexico for the very first time, and in a few weeks, we’d be in Japan. The timing was unintentional but it felt like my path was already set. If I was going to walk through Hiroshima, now long rebuilt, I couldn’t do so without considering the consequences of…

  • The History of the Atom Bomb, WWII, and A Case of Infinite Hindsight

    When things go badly, I often look back and retrace the steps that were taken – by me, by my loved ones, by the electorate of Wisconsin, to see where things went awry. I do this with tragedies small and large, historical and current day, tracing the path back to what life was like before…

  • The Infinite Hypocrisy of Fake Feminist Men

    Image credit. I am at my book reading in Portland. Though the room is small, it is packed. The audience is mostly friends, though there is a large cluster of people I have never met before. It is, without hyperbole, one of the highlights of my career, the sort of thing I dreamed about when I…


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