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  • Exclusive: DoublePlusGood “You Can Remaster Life” Remix EP

    DoublePlusGood are a pop group from Portland, Oregon, and last month they released their first album in three years, You Can Master Life, on SoHiTek Records. Now, the group has collected some of their best Portland music pals to remix four tracks from the album for an EP titled – perhaps...

  • Recap: Decibel 2014

    While studying Sadie Plant's brilliant Zeroes + Ones, I came across her interpretation of how net programming and social media are rearranging our uses for hierarchical structures. Plant establishes that hypertext is a non-linear, weaved form of footnoting. By surfing the net and following...

  • Unsound Preview: Janus / Kablam

    Krakow's Unsound Festival started on Sunday and so far it's been a Golden October dream, perhaps despite that true nightmare that was the early afternoon showing of Andrzej Żuławski's 1981 relationship drama-cum-horror movie "Possession" that I'm still trying to wrap my mind around. "The Dream"...

  • Interview: Peter Sagar (HOMESHAKE)

    Cold weather, warm showers, slick grooves, capital letters: HOMESHAKE (the pseudonym of Montreal-based Peter Sagar) has one of the most full-bodied aesthetics of any act I’ve had the pleasure of covering. The former Mac DeMarco guitarist's debut album, In the Shower, came out last week on...

  • Halasan Bazar and Tara King th. “Rot Inside”

    “Rot Inside” sounds like it’d be the music that plays during Serge Gainsbourgh and Jane Birkin’s daytrip to hell. It’s the soundtrack to a Halloween party where everyone comes dressed like John Wayne and is of the opinion that Pink Floyd could never recapture the magic of Piper at the...


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