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Based in Alberta, Canada and ran by former British Army soldiers Robert and Chris. Here at the Central Alberta Military Outlet Blog we review the latest British army gear and equipment and historical equipment used by the British Armed Forces used over the years. Come visit us today!


Added: Feb 27, 2015

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  • Canadian Army LBE Gear Back in Stock

    Canadian Army Load bearing Equipment (LBE) is now back in stock at the Central Alberta military Outlet. This excellent durable web gear is based on the american ALICE system it has excellent durability and is made from very tough nylon. Here at when you buy a set of LBE you...

  • Behind the Scenes

    This week we picked up a few triwalls of Canadian Military Surplus and so I thought I would tell you a bit about this process, without divulging too many of our trade secrets!We start by bidding on a lot.  There is usually a general description of what is in the boxes, but no clear indication of...

  • In Summer!!!!

    For the first time in seven months it finally feels like a summer day.  The sun is high, people are wearing shorts and going for bike rides and walks.  The grass is turning green and I have seen the leaves starting to bud on the neighbours trees.  It's glorious, it's rejuvenating and for...

  • Spring Giveaway

    We are expanding and we want to expand our reach at the same time. In view of this we have decided to do our first giveaway. This giveaway is no small matter! We look forward to parting with one of our top sellers, the DD Frontline Hammock! Some of you may already be fans of the DD line of...

  • Big Changes For 2017

    Hello Everyone! First of all my thanks to you all, our fantastic customers, with your help we've been able to grow awesomely over the last two years of operations.​From a business that started in my own basement (and annoyed my wife no end) and sold products from a table at farmers markets we...


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