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  • Portugal. The Man live at The Capital Theater 10.24.17 [FULL VIDEO]

    Since I quit doing YANP full time my concert attendance has gone from about weekly to biannually. It’s a shame, but at least I can still count on quality over quantity. Case in point I saw the best Portugal The Man performance I’ve seen in 8 years of going to their shows. Luckily for anyone …...

  • Bruneaux’s “Gotta Have It” is the perfect meta-mashup

    For over a year now mashup artist Bruneaux has been my go-to running playlist. His albums “The Art of Noise” and “Creature of Habit” scratch my mashup itch so perfectly. But even more than highlighting these great albums (highest recommend for jogging, doing chores or driving soundtracks) I...

  • Portugal. The Man enlist Glenn Howerton for “Rich Friends” video

    Portugal. The Man’s new record Woodstock is out now. To promote their newest single “Rich Friends,” they teamed up with their longtime buddy Glenn Howerton of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia to star in a video inspired by online pop-up ads. It’s a simple, fantastic way to tell a story...

  • This Feels Terrible #92 “Erin’s Wedding Planner, Kristeen LaBrot”

    What a genius, genius booking by Erin McGathy for her relationship podcast This Feels Terrible. Erin recently divorced her husband Dan Harmon. Around the same time her wedding planner went through a divorce. A couple years later they got together to discuss Erin’s wedding and both divorces....

  • The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls 2

    It feels very weird to say that podcasters are at the top of their creative game. But that’s exactly what’s going on with the McElroy Brothers. Their main show, My Brother My Brother And Me, is in the middle of one of the funniest stretches of their show’s history; Griffin’s Youtube series...


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