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  • UK begins testing unsupervised autonomous transport pods

    Shoppers at a UK mall have the opportunity to try out autonomous transport pods this week which -- in a UK first -- operate entirely without supervision. The driverless pods are being tested at the Cribbs Causeway mall in Gloucestershire, and run bet...

  • Mario Kart Tour's second multiplayer beta will be open to all

    Still playing Mario Kart Tour? The development team has announced today that a second multiplayer beta is on the way. Unlike the last test -- which required an expensive Gold Pass subscription to enter -- this one will be open to all players. It will...

  • Disney+ is coming to Europe a week sooner than expected

    If you live in Europe and you've been patiently waiting to (legally) get stuck into The Mandalorian, we have some good news. The launch date for the European launch of Disney+ has been brought forward by a week, the Walt Disney Company has confirmed,...

  • Qualcomm's new mobile chipsets pack more features for the non-5G crowd

    2020 is the year 5G will start making a difference for people, but 4G LTE networks aren't going anywhere. If anything, they'll remain the de facto means of connection for much of the world for years, so it's little surprise to see Qualcomm rolling ou...

  • Subaru plans to sell only electric cars by the middle of the 2030s

    By Ronan Glon Nipping infinite rumors in the bud, Subaru confirmed the Outback, the Forester, the BRZ, the WRX STI, and every other car it makes will go electric or disappear by the middle of the 2030s. The Japanese automaker announced it plans to k...


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