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  • Ridesharing livestreams on Twitch raise privacy worries

    When you step into a ridesharing car, you probably assume that whatever you do inside the vehicle won't be recorded for posterity. But what if it turned out that you were not only on camera, but live on the internet? Like it or not, that's happening...

  • Facebook hopes to launch an internet satellite in early 2019

    Facebook has cooperated on internet satellite initiatives (with less-than-ideal results), but there's been precious little word of plans to make its own satellite beyond high-level promises. Now, however, there's something tangible. Both publicly d...

  • Recommended Reading: The accent struggle for Alexa and Google Assistant

    The accent gap Drew Harwell, The Washington Post Smart speakers (and the virtual assistants they house) offer voice control for so many connected devices it's hard to keep count. Those audio gadgets can also assist with a range of questions -- tha...

  • The Macallan distillery opens up for 4D virtual reality tours

    Not everyone has the means to travel to Scotland and visit their favorite distillery a la Ron Swanson. To help connoisseurs live out their dreams of traipsing through its facilities, The Macallan has created the Macallan Distillery Experience. VRFocu...

  • The Morning After: Weekend Edition

    Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend! Before looking back at some highlights from the last few days we'll investigate the foibles of a few tech CEOs and take a ride in Porsche's hybrid wagon.


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