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  • Instagram will let you buy products without leaving the app

    Instagram is moving a little deeper into commerce by allowing you to buy goods without leaving the app. The checkout feature will at first be a closed beta in the US with more than 20 brands involved, including Adidas, Nike, Zara, Kylie Cosmetics, Un...

  • Qualcomm's new chips power 'smarter' AI-connected speakers

    Smart speakers still have a lot of room for improvement. How often have you had to shout a command over your music, or had to endure mediocre sound for the convenience of using your voice? Qualcomm believes it can do better. It's unveiling chips t...

  • Facebook says only 4,000 users viewed original NZ shooter livestream

    Facebook says a total of 4,000 people viewed the New Zealand mosque shooter's livestream before it was taken down. Less than 200 people were watching during the assailant's live broadcast, according to the social network, none of who reported it. Fac...

  • The Morning After: A pair of new iPads and 'Apex' expands

    Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Ready to get started with March Madness? We have all the advice you'll need to stream college games this month, plus info on Apple's latest iPads and the bad news about MySpace. Also, Farscape fans should open u...

  • Apple's updated iPad Air and Mini support eSIMs

    The iPad mini and iPad Air Apple quietly announced ahead of its big March event will come with eSIM support. Cupertino's latest iPad Pros have eSIM support, as well, but these new entries are the first non-Pro models with the feature. While the Apple...


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