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  • Mazda will show off its first EV at the Tokyo Motor Show

    Mazda is following through with its promise to introduce an EV. The Japanese automaker plans to unveil a full-electric vehicle next month at the Tokyo Motor Show, reported Automotive News. The plan is for Mazda to debut the electric car next year, an...

  • US Senators ask the FCC to review licenses with China-owned telecoms

    Two US Senators want the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to review whether two Chinese state-owned telecoms should be permitted to operate in the US. In a letter to the FCC, Democratic leader Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) and Senator Tom...

  • Verizon could carry OnePlus phones beginning in 2020

    Verizon may soon carry OnePlus phones. According to Android Police, sources say Verizon and the Chinese manufacturer signed a deal and that the phones could arrive in 2020. It's unclear which model (or models) that would include, but PhoneArena claim...

  • Pokémon’s New York-inspired monsters join 'Pokémon Go' today

    Starting today, September 16th, Pokémon Go players can begin collecting Pokémon from the series' fifth generation of games. As with any of the other Pokémon you could collect previously, you'll be able to catch Gen 5 monsters by...

  • Alleged JPMorgan hacker set to plead guilty

    Andrei Tyurin, one of the key suspects in the huge JPMorgan Chase hack in 2014, is set to plead guilty, according to a court filing obtained by Bloomberg. The Russian reportedly struck a deal with federal prosecutors and will appear at a plea hearing...


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