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  • Updentity Marketing Blog - for Businesses

    The Updentity marketing blog for businesses is filled with information about how businesses can do well while doing good. We provide information on a unique sponsorship program that utilizes Google Ad Grants and a partnership with non profits. Learn how to receive tax benefits while doing something good and gaining visibility for your business.

  • The Marketing Blog - for Non Profits

    The non profit marketing blog provides non profit organizations with helpful information and tips on how to grow their organization. Read our blog for the latest non profit marketing trends.

  • Updentity Marketing Blog

    Updentity’s mission is to help organizations reach, connect, and engage through the implementation of advanced online advertising strategies. Utilizing sponsorship and the Google Ad Grants platform, Updentity has revolutionized the world of online advertising through its unique approach to providing nonprofits and for profits with low cost, high impact, online advertising solutions. Updentity also performs marketing functions including database cleaning and lead generation.