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  • Classical Music Zudakas!

    Zudakas en un bloh hecho en Buenos Aires donde podés encotrar toda la música clásica de latinoamérica para el mundo. Enlaces directos y estables. Discos notables.

  • The Static Dive

    StaticDive.com is home to independent music promotions, reviews, and playlists featuring artists of all genres from around the world.

  • The Camille Way

    This is a contemporary blog on music and pop culture. It features local (Kenyan) and international music. It's pretty much me sharing my music taste with the world-Camille

  • Dinleyecek Birşey

    You can find new stuff there something like roc indie alternative-rock etc. I'll choose my favorite songs out of the tons of songs

  • Eurofied

    Eurofied is a music website which provides you with the latest and hottest music releases of European artists!