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  • notientre.net

    Notientre.net or News and Entertainment is a Hispanic news and media blog. We post daily and keep up with important things that are going on around the world as well as provide our opinion.

  • Ashleigh Peanutpepper

    It's brand new, but I think I'm going to write again. Currently fascinated with vegan youtube (I'm not vegan), obsessed with growing medicinal plants, addicted to taking apart thrift store sweaters and re-using the yarn. Parent to 2 teens, wife of a decade+, full time employee with a side hustle, working my ass off, and being my weird ass self.

  • The Earthbus

    Edutainment, Infortary, & Commentation for Travelairs, Explorists, & Novelers in the Elevendy-first Century

  • Plodding through the Presidents

    Humorous and informative insights along the author's journey to read a biography of every US president in chronological order.

  • Baffled Baboon

    Hello, weirdos! I am The Baffled Baboon and I am a deranged primate that loves writing about weird animals, bizarre history and strange events. Throw in some peculiar photos, fact filled videos, baffling thoughts and POOF. You've got baffledbaboon.com

  • HumorNama

    Humornama is the Best Indian Humor Blog covering funny trends on Bollywood, education, politics, & cricket. It has a funny collection of quotes, jokes, & memes.