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  • Teaching Forward Rolls (a.k.a. Somersault)

    The only equipment you really need to teach a forward roll is a soft surface. Forward rolls can be taught on soft grass, sand, practically anything with a bit of give in it. However, a scatter mat, a 30cm high soft box, and a 30cm high wedge are really useful. A wedge is helpful as the slope assists the children to rotate, and gives them additional speed to help them stand up; however the angle also increases the falling sensation, so it can increase the fear factor for first timers....

  • Teaching Children to Fall safely

    Teaching children how to safely land and fall, falling forwards, backwards, and hit the ground running.

  • Teaching Cartwheels Part 1

    The basics of teaching a cartwheel from scratch to a beginner (young child) with no prior knowledge.

  • How do I do The Splits?

    Teaching yourself to do the splits will take time. There is no magic spell that will make you flexible enough overnight. Perseverance and correct technique is the key to success. Before you can do the splits, you need to...

  • UFC Stream

    Blog and website with the main focus that is classical fights from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. We love MMA and can not get enough of it, therefore we are live 24 hours everyday all year around!

  • F1 Pollster

    Regular polls and comment on the hottest issues in the world of formula 1. Updated regularly, share your opinions and see what the mood of the fans is on issues from drivers to team orders, from regulations to rumours.

  • Born on Train Tracks

    A blog about triathlon, mountain biking, trail running, backpacking and fitness in general. Film essays also included occasionally.

  • The First Week of Summer

    A blog reviewing MLB baseball stadiums, sharing stories about me getting baseball players autographs and our road trip, and sometimes just talking baseball. During the first week of summer my dad and I go on a week trip somewhere across the country and try to see seven professional baseball games in seven days. Also there will be posts about Baseball Memorabilia I have collected (such as autographs). There will be pictures of me with Pro Baseball Players. There will also be posts about other random baseball stuff.

  • The Pole's Position

    Tired of reading lazy articles by prominent national pundits who are generating click bait? Want cutting edge arguments that challenge conventional wisdom? With an emphasis on college football, this author fully researches his subject matter leading you on a journey that will get you to question those things that you thought were true.

  • FloRuns to discover - Run | Travel | Discover

    Join me discovering the world by running. Discover new places. Discover yourself. Discover the world! I want to inspire people to discover by running. Get motivation from my race reviews, get tips from my training reviews and go out and discover the world!