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  • Ashleigh Peanutpepper

    It's brand new, but I think I'm going to write again. Currently fascinated with vegan youtube (I'm not vegan), obsessed with growing medicinal plants, addicted to taking apart thrift store sweaters and re-using the yarn. Parent to 2 teens, wife of a decade+, full time employee with a side hustle, working my ass off, and being my weird ass self.

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  • The Dog Trainer

    This is a blog for Dog lovers, trainers, owners, and all over dog people. I am a certified dog trainer in the Colorado Western Slope area. Have been training dogs since I was a little girl. The articles here are to help anyone looking to learn a bit more about their canine friend!

  • Free-Thoughts

    A blog to discuss woman's rights, society problems, human behaviors, and the right of free beliefs. Edit