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  • Alcoholic Aspy

    Recovering Alcoholics Blog who also has Aspergers. Personal solutions of maintaining sobriety and coexistence in a world of people with nothing in common. Loneliness without being lonely. Hiding in plain sight.

  • Bee Anonymous

    A frank confession of the life and lovers of an educated adulteress. Here she relates a history of the paths that led her, from being a stable, happily married professional woman, into a secret labyrinth of risk taking and dubious relationships with strangers. Is it the risk of exposure, shame and the loss of everything she has and everyone she loves, or is there a more earthy desire that drives her? Did her road to debauchery begin with a broken heart, or was she always damaged goods? Will she survive the life she found by accident? Or will she be forever consumed by a need to lay down with strangers?