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  • To Stretch or Not to Stretch

    This article is about static stretching as part of a warm-up routine with children. Static stretches are the type where you hold a particular pose for a period of time. We are talking about class stretching prior to a P.E. session. We are not talking about flexibility stretching as part of a gymnastics training warm-up.

  • Beeing Me Unapologetically

    Hi, my name is Bee and I am a 25 year old trans person. I am a graduate student in archaeology and only came out to myself june 2014 or so. As I transition, I notice a lot about gender broadly and I enjoy sharing some of my insights.

  • The World According To Violet

    I share my view of the world with you, whether it's in personal stories, advice, how-tos, reviews or recommendations. You'll always be able to count on some humor in the mix!

  • Tina Vincent PREC - Comox Valley Real Estate

    News and Updates on the latest real estate and MLS listings in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC.

  • The Libeco Blog

    We have been weaving Belgian linen for more than 150 years. Our craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation, and today, our passion for this unique fabric is greater than ever. As a family business, we export our linen worldwide and are one of the top three linen weavers in Europe. Local, sustainable production and high quality are the cornerstones of our mission. We were awarded the title of Certified Purveyor to the Royal Household in 2006 and the company became CO2 neutral in 2014.

  • Modern Woman's Guide to Christ

    This blog will be dedicated to helping women navigate their walk with Christ in a Modern world with all the Modern problems that comes with it. We will examine the bible, music, books, movies, Bible verses, tips and tricks and most importantly how Christ is working in the lives of the Modern Woman.

  • StudyinStyles

    This is a blog by me, Alice Styles, 18 years old and a dutchie. I think studying is something super important so I share my best tips for high school and college. I also write a lot about fashion, interior and lifestyle. A very diverse blog you could say

  • Stay Superb

    Stay Superb is all about Health, Wellness, Beauty, Shopping, Food, Lifehacks, Trends, Tech and anything that makes your life superb.

  • Perhaps like this - DIY, prepping, nature & hobby

    A blog focused on DIY, economy, hobbies and nature. Tips on how to save money, buy and sell used things, fun DIY projects and general lifestyle things.

  • PUA residence

    The blog about the life of four friends who spend most of their free time by picking up girls. Read a lot of funny stories and learn the secrets of how to pick up the most beautiful women you can imagine.