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  • Pleated Jeans

    Funny movie and TV screencaps, hilarious animal pictures and humorous flowcharts and diagrams.

  • Random Jokes

    Funny animal jokes, bar jokes, computer jokes, math jokes, military jokes, blonde jokes, religion jokes and more.

  • HumorNama

    Humornama is the Best Indian Humor Blog covering funny trends on Bollywood, education, politics, & cricket. It has a funny collection of quotes, jokes, & memes.

  • Smashing Lists

    Intresting and funny top ten lists, such as the 10 most unusual prisons, the 10 most powerful norse gods, the 10 most useless inventions, and many more.

  • Baffled Baboon

    Hello, weirdos! I am The Baffled Baboon and I am a deranged primate that loves writing about weird animals, bizarre history and strange events. Throw in some peculiar photos, fact filled videos, baffling thoughts and POOF. You've got

  • The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

    Photos of quotation marks used improperly, with humorous commentary.