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  • 24-7 K-POP NEWS

    This is blog about K-Pop News, Fashion And Gossip From Various Sources On The Internet. Relax and enjoy the K-Pop.

  • notientre.net

    Notientre.net or News and Entertainment is a Hispanic news and media blog. We post daily and keep up with important things that are going on around the world as well as provide our opinion.

  • Louise Brooks Society

    A blog focusing on the life and times of the American actress Louise Brooks, as well as silent film, the Jazz Age and other related topics.

  • Wicked Things Horror Blog

    Horror reviews, links to free & cheap movie viewings, and clips to horror shows & movies! I eat, breathe, live, and blog horror. Watch free movies, trailers, and find out if horror flicks are any good before you watch them on my blog!

  • ThisMagnificentLife.com

    ThisMagnificentLife is an online luxury blog that is all about the people, places and things that make life magnificent.

  • Old Doctor Who - The Classic Episodes - 1963 - 96

    A nostalgic tribute to the original classic series of Doctor Who, from Hartnell to Mcgann. Covering the first 30 years only and no Steven Moffat.

  • Spook & Destroy Podcast & Deadly by Design

    Elvis Aron Deadly - Lead Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist & Song Writer of American Horror Rock Band, Full Story at Midnight & your host of his very own podcast, Spook & Destroy!

  • Farley

    This basis of this blog is pop culture. I cover topics such as television, sports, music and politics and give my own personal take on subjects within these categories.

  • TheIrishDuke

    Non-essential musings of a misanthropic iconoclastic NYC nihilist with refined luxurious absurdity, piercing non-pop pop culture ridicule, and sex gay parties.

  • Fiscanloaded

    Fiscanloaded Entertainment News is your one stop entertainment news @ it's best which cover all entertainment, celebrities news, gossip news all over the world.