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  • 24-7 K-POP NEWS

    This is blog about K-Pop News, Fashion And Gossip From Various Sources On The Internet. Relax and enjoy the K-Pop.

  • notientre.net

    Notientre.net or News and Entertainment is a Hispanic news and media blog. We post daily and keep up with important things that are going on around the world as well as provide our opinion.

  • TheIrishDuke

    Non-essential musings of a misanthropic iconoclastic NYC nihilist with refined luxurious absurdity, piercing non-pop pop culture ridicule, and sex gay parties.

  • Wicked Things Horror Blog

    Horror reviews, links to free & cheap movie viewings, and clips to horror shows & movies! I eat, breathe, live, and blog horror. Watch free movies, trailers, and find out if horror flicks are any good before you watch them on my blog!

  • Old Doctor Who - The Classic Episodes - 1963 - 96

    A nostalgic tribute to the original classic series of Doctor Who, from Hartnell to Mcgann. Covering the first 30 years only and no Steven Moffat.

  • Spook & Destroy Podcast & Deadly by Design

    Elvis Aron Deadly - Lead Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist & Song Writer of American Horror Rock Band, Full Story at Midnight & your host of his very own podcast, Spook & Destroy!

  • Farley

    This basis of this blog is pop culture. I cover topics such as television, sports, music and politics and give my own personal take on subjects within these categories.

  • Fiscanloaded

    Fiscanloaded Entertainment News is your one stop entertainment news @ it's best which cover all entertainment, celebrities news, gossip news all over the world.

  • State of Forex

    It is about forex trading, brokers informations, traders testimonials, etc. Various bonuses will be found on this website. Contact us and we will help you to make good strategy in forex trading.

  • ThisMagnificentLife.com

    ThisMagnificentLife is an online luxury blog that is all about the people, places and things that make life magnificent.